Your Favorite Shows Are Coming Back

Fall TV is Back - 2017 Shows Returning

Fall TV is right around the corner

Can we talk about how great fall is? It has so much to recommend it. For example, lots and lots of our favorite shows are coming back for new seasons. We are so ready.

As the summer heat lifts, the leaves turn colors, and days get shorter, tune in to all your old favorites. The best returning fall tv shows are all up and down the channel lineup—and even on Netflix. DISH is all about helping you watch your favorite shows and movies at your convenience. You can watch Netflix through your Hopper 3 DVR. No need to switch devices.

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You have a whole lot of outstanding TV in store. Watch it wisely.

Fear the Walking Dead
Sunday 9/10 at 9pm on AMC

This is a mid-season premiere of the zombie apocalypse prequel show. Season 3 has brought us to Mexico as Madison, Travis, and the rest of the wasteland nomads try to find ways to live amid the end of the world. Time is running out for civilization; the living are turning on each other and supplies are running short. The only thing standing between them and zombie teeth is… well, there isn’t much.

Top of the Lake: China Girl
Sunday 9/10 at 9pm on Sundance

This is a three-part series over three consecutive nights: Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday the 10th, 11th, and 12th on Sundance. Get Sundance when you subscribe to DISH packages America’s Top 200 and up.

In the second season of Top of the Lake, Elizabeth Moss investigates a human trafficking ring, even as she is still haunted by the events in the first season. Her performance continues to be spec as spectacular as it was in season one of Top of the Lake, Mad Men, and The Handmaid’s Tale. We’ll be looking for her onstage at the Emmys.

Dancing with the Stars
Monday 9/18 at 8pm on ABC

We’ve been waiting patiently to see which celebrities will be dancing in season 5 of Dancing With The Stars. So far we know Drew Scott of Property Brothers and Nikki Bella of the WWE will be paired up with professional dance instructors for season 25. More surprises to come.

Thursday 9/21 at 8pm on FOX

Season 4 takes its inspiration from stories in the comic book series Batman: The Long Halloween and Batman: Year One. It opens with Penguin solidifying his control over Gotham City and organizing criminals from his mayor’s office (he was elected mayor of Gotham in season 3). This season introduces Scarecrow to the supervillain mix, and the show takes a turn toward outright horror.

Big Bang Theory
Monday 9/25 at 8pm on CBS

Some say that the universe expands and condenses, expands and condenses in a series of big bangs and big crunches, over and over. When it comes to TV’s Big Bang Theory, we’re on our 11th journey from existence to non-existence and back. In the season 10 finale, Sheldon proposed marriage to Amy 😮. Don’t wait for the next version of the universe to see her answer.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Tuesday 9/26 at 9:30 on FOX

A lot happened in season three of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. But by the end of it, Jake and Captain Holt have taken up residence next door to each other in Florida while their lives have been under threat from mobster Jimmy Figgis. With the help of the Amy, Charles, and the rest of the gang, Figgis’s FBI informant has been found and neutralized. But Figgis is still at large. More, surely, to come.

Modern Family
Wednesday 9/27 at 9pm on ABC

Modern Family has been on television for 8 seasons, but it feels like we’ve had it our whole lives. We know for sure it will be back for seasons 9 and 10, the ninth kicking off this September. Want to feel really old? This season, Luke and Manny are off to college.

Curb Your Enthusiasm
Sunday 10/1 on HBO

The semi-autobiographical Larry David creation is back for a ninth season after a six year hiatus. If Curb Your Enthusiasm were a movie franchise, this would be a reboot. But the whole Curb crew will return to their familiar roles—even Ted Danson. And the theme music is back in all its meme-worthy glory. Subscribe to DISH now and get HBO for three months at no extra charge. You can start catching up with Curb Your Enthusiasm right away.

We’ll never curb our enthusiasm for fall TV. Tune in all September and beyond!