Nashville’s Swan Song

Sing your way to the last season

If there is one thing we learned in season 5 of Nashville, it’s that we will never guess what happens next. The season started with Juliette, who was the only survivor of a plane crash. In the rest of the season, she records a flop gospel album, steals a song from Maddie, and gets kicked off the Highway 65 label. Rayna, who Juliette looks up to like a mother, dies in a freak accident. This is not the kind of storyline we would expect to see, well, anywhere. You survive a plane crash, better things are supposed to happen. Not in Nashville!

Shocks and surprises abounded in season 5. Every episode was like a jack-in-the-box—some hideous thing waiting to spring. Rayna’s death was the biggest shock for sure. But the writers of this show seem to be playing a game to see how sharp their plot twists can be. We had some doozies. Scarlett announced she was pregnant, and in the second half of the season it was revealed that Damien is the father of her baby. Sorry, Gunnar. Then, unfortunately, Scarlett has a miscarriage. Deacon reconnects with old love interest Jessie, but then is kissed by Silicon Valley marketer Alyssa. Our gobs were well and truly smacked by that one.

Maybe the only unsurprising thing that happened in season 5 is that Maddie failed to win an AMA award that went instead to Katy Perry. It would have been pretty hard to explain how Maddie beat Katy Perry, honestly.

Season 6 of Nashville—its last season—is here, finally. In fact, you can watch episode two tonight. How do you get to Nashville? You can hit the road and watch episodes on your smartphone with DISH Anywhere. Or you can stay home and can sing your way there. Use our voice remote to search live TV and On Demand. Hold the voice command button and croon, 🎶Nashville on CMT🎶🎶. Listings will come right up.

In Nashville’s final season, you can expect more twists and turmoil. We talked to Nashville’s own Charles Esten about what to expect in season 6. Here’s what he said.

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