Nashville Returns

After the cliffhanger, the dive

[SPOILER ALERT] When we last left Nashville, back in March, a terrible page had been turned. Rayna, the Queen of Country, died in a car accident. The last several episodes deal with the aftermath. Her life was cut short, and her children had to figure out who they should live with. Her husband Deacon is unstable. Her ex-husband Teddy is less unstable, but he is serving out the last months of a prison sentence.

Professionally, Rayna’s record label, Highway 65, has an uncertain future. Deacon is supposed to be running it, but he might not be up to it. Since the beginning of this season, Rayna has relied on tech entrepreneur Zach Wells to invest in the label and make important decisions about its direction. And she left an album of duets with Deacon almost but not quite completed.

So before the show took its three month hiatus, it had lots of loose ends to tie up. Now, the show picks up months after Rayna’s death. In the meantime, Rayna’s kids Daphne and Maddie went to live with Teddy. Zach suggests to Deacon that the unfinished album should be released, but Deacon isn’t so sure. It was hard to record, and letting go of it would mean letting go of Rayna. So we’ll see what comes of that.

Of course, the show dropped some bombshells before signing off. Scarlett tells bf Gunnar that she’s pregnant—but she’s not t o t a l l y sure he’s the father. They had been dating, yes, but she also was interested in Damien George, her music video director. So… could go either way.

Meanwhile, Zach and Will are an item, and their relationship is turning serious. Will is nervous about it because Zach is known as one of the most powerful people in the world. And he may be hiding something from Will.

We talked with Nashville stars Sam Palladio (Gunnar) and Chris Carmack (Will) about what to expect this season. Check it out.

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