Aziz Ansari’s Master of None Review


Sometimes Netflix feels like a club. If you’ve ever had a conversation with someone about a movie or television show, you can almost guarantee the question “Is it on Netflix?” was asked. Although there are other platforms where you can consume entertainment (Hulu, HBO GO, etc.), Netflix seems to be the backbone of our society. When Netflix releases a television show where streaming is exclusive to the site, people go wild. Add in comedian and actor Aziz Ansari, and there’s no telling what will happen. Here’s what you need to know about Netflix’s latest home run, Master of None.

It’s smart

Television can be the best release from the mundaneness of everyday life. It allows us to escape into another world for a half hour, an hour, or maybe even five consecutive hours if you’re on an impressive binge. However, television has evolved since it first entered the American household. Shows are no longer only about entertainment; they’re also about creating something meaningful, and Master of None does just that. It’s a social commentary on complex issues like race, immigration and the pressures of starting a family (or not), just to name a few. But the writing is incredibly smart so it doesn’t feel like preaching. It’s a real show about real issues, and an entertaining one at that!

It’s perfect for millennials

Ah, the word “millennials.” Millennials despise hearing it, and older generations love to say it. Master of None does an incredible job of tackling issues that young people in this generation experience. However, it’s not self-deprecating and trite. It pokes fun at being in your 20s or 30s in 2015. It constantly references issues and jargon like “shoddy Wi-Fi” and navigating the choppy waters of modern dating when two people correspond over text messages.

It’s downright funny

Regardless of where you first experienced Aziz Ansari, from his role as Tom Haverford on Parks and Recreation to the comedy film This Is the End, you know he’s hilarious. It’s like he has his own brand of humor that everyone identifies with. His laugh is as contagious as the show itself. In addition, you are sure to see some of Hollywood’s other familiar faces, such as Danielle Brooks from Orange Is the New Black and Claire Danes from Homeland.

If you have a half hour (or five) to kill, tune into Master of None. It won’t disappoint.