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"Flip or Flop Vegas"

Find Inspiration For Your Dream Home With These Shows

Spring is right around the corner, and the chill of winter is steadily receding as the as the frost thaws and the first flowers of the season begin to peek through the ground.  With the arrival of spring, also arrives the most popular time of the year to move! Spring is the ideal time for change, whether it be the changing of the seasons, or a change of address. And in honor of all the moving that happen as the weather warms, DISH wants you to know we have your back, with DISH movers. To celebrate the excitement that comes with selling or buying a home, we want to share some great programming choices found on DISH that will get you in the spirit for change!

To help kick off house-hunting season, the shows we’ve picked will inspire your inner renovator. The shows chosen to spotlight the fixing of properties in need of attention and transforming them into modern-day palaces. Though some of us maybe craftier or more experienced than others, one thing that we can all appreciate is a good old-fashioned TV binge.

If its finding the home of your dreams or making the right repairs and improvements to your living space, we can all agree that having the right TV service to go along with your home may be just as important. Having that is what makes a house a home, and DISH is here to help the transition go as seamlessly as possible for you with our moving services. Because when you’re moving, the less stress the better. We can take care of mounting your TV, setting up your home entertainment system and speakers, as well as configuring your wireless network. Freeing up more time for you to focus on everything from unpacking after a big move or focusing on that new DIY project you’ve been meaning to get around to. Learn more about our installation services for your home.

Flip or Flop Vegas

The newest member of the Flip or Flop franchise, this program airs on HGTV, which is available in the America’s Top 120 package. Stars of the show, Bristol and Aubrey Marunde take the Flip or Flop name to desert as they navigate the expensive, unpredictable and competitive market of Las Vegas, Nevada. Watching the transformation of these homes is a big part of the fun as creativity and business savvy meet as this duo take distressed and dilapidated homes, often purchased at auctions and turn them into dollars as they do most of the construction and renovation themselves before selling. Watch the amazing transformation as this couple turns lemons into lemonade and cash in as they turn the undesirable and neglected into beautiful homes selling for a profit.

Property Brothers: Buying and Selling

A member of the Property Brothers franchise, this show will have you seeing double as it stars Canadian twins Jonathan and Drew Scott. These brothers have multiple feathers in their cap as this Property Brothers spin-off focuses on the house-flipping aspect of the industry, as the brothers purchase homes in foreclosure and use their skill set to educate and renovate teaching the viewer valuable tips on fixing up and remodeling homes to put back on the market. Other programs in this HGTV franchise include standard house renovation and contests pitting brother against brother, showing the competitive spirits of this sibling rivalry making for extremely enjoyable television in the process.

First Time Flippers

As one might guess, this program follows the adventures (and misadventures) of house-flipping rookies attempting to fix up and make a profit off their first house. If you’ve always contemplated getting into the biz yourself, you may want to start here to pick up a few tips and tricks (and to learn what mistakes to avoid of course). First Time Flippers airs on the DIY Network, which is available in our America’s Top 200 package.

Good Bones

This charming mother-daughter team of Karen and Mina specialize in revitalizing houses using their own creative touch around their hometown of Indianapolis in this HGTV program. This dynamic mother/daughter (and also next-door neighbors) duo work their magic one fixer-upper at a time, often bringing in other family members at times to help them in their quest to create the perfect space those searching for a new home.

Flip This House

One of the more well-known house-flipping shows out there, “Flip This House” features individuals looking to flip house all over the country, from Charleston to San Antonio, New Haven to Los Angeles, Flip This House episodes include listing the price of the purchase, the cost of renovation, and the market value (including potential profit) of the property after improvements. This layout creates an easy-to-understand introduction into the world of house-flipping.

 No matter if you’re moving to a new space or already found the place you call home, the proper TV service is the final touch to completing your living space. Subscribe to DISH, and get access to our cutting-edge tech and channel lineup, and you’ll be sure to spend as much time inside your new home as possible.