HBO Beyond Game Of Thrones

Reese Witherspoon on the HBO Red Carpet

It’s Not The Golden Age of TV without HBO®

Game of Thrones® signed off this year after six episodes of season seven. Fans of the fantasy series are now languishing in the limbo of mere modern life. There are no thrones or armies of the dead, only internet fame and long days at the office. Alas.

Here’s the thing. Game of Thrones® is an extraordinary series that will influence TV for a long time. But maybe more amazing is that HBO® is home to many shows of similar caliber. Game of Thrones® smashed records, but so did the Sopranos® in its day. So has Veep®.

How many Emmys?

Game of Thrones® is on ice for now. But if it’s the Golden Age of Television, we have to admit HBO® provides lots and lots of the glitter. If you didn’t notice, HBO won TWENTY-NINE EMMYS LAST MONTH. Yes, that was enough to lead the field. And notably, Game of Thrones® wasn’t even in competition. Veep® won big, as did Big Little Lies. What we’re saying is, HBO® has an impressive amount of high quality programming.

New Seasons, New Shows

Right now, if you sign up for DISH, you get three months of HBO® at no extra cost. Looking ahead, you’ll soon be able see the rest of Game of Thrones® season 7, plus new seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm®, Vice Principals®, and Divorce℠. You can check out HBO’s acclaimed new show The Deuce℠. And, you can stay up on every gobsmacking outrage with Last Week Tonight® with John Oliver. But don’t take it from us. Take it from the stars of HBO® themselves.

Library of classics

You can also watch all the classic series you’ve been meaning to watch, or watch them again. When you subscribe to HBO®, you have access to decades’ of outstanding TV: The Wire®, The Sopranos®, Boardwalk Empire®, Girls®, Sex and the City®—plus documentaries, comedy specials, and lots and lots of movies.

If you love TV, do yourself a favor. Subscribe to DISH if you haven’t already, and make HBO® part of your channel lineup. You won’t regret it.