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At the beginning of last week’s Empire, Lucious dares Cookie to come at him. “You want war? Fire a shot.” Apparently it was getting a little too boring at the record label. So Cookie tells Lucious she wants him out so she can be Empire’s CEO. Welp, shots fired.

Empire returned after a three-month hiatus and got the drama going quick. Everyone up and down the Empire office is at each other’s throats. Becky is annoyed that Xavier is stepping on her toes. Singers Nessa and Tiana are pitted against each other at a new performers’ showcase. Andre keeps telling Shine about his plan to *extremely evil villain voice* kill Lucious and take over the label. And of course Lucious and Cookie use their every waking moment to plot each other’s total destruction. They even wind up in a screaming match while they visit their son Jamal halfway through his stint in rehab—about which of them is most responsible for his problems. Bad parents, bad.

If you missed the action, you can still watch the episode (commercial free!) using PrimeTime Anytime. It automatically records primetime shows on your Hopper 3 DVR for 8 days.

Here’s a blow-by-blow:

  • At a release party for his new album Inferno, Lucious tells Cookie he will not be stepping down as Empire CEO. To retaliate, Cookie trots out his mother, who everyone thought was dead. Seriously, you can hear journalists in the audience gasp “I THOUGHT SHE WAS DEAD” to the poor woman’s face for like half a minute.
  • Lucious and Cookie each have their preferred performers for the upcoming new performers’ showcase. And so do their competing underlings Andre and Hakeem. Everyone shouts about it until Lucious declares it will be Nessa, because Cookie and Hakeem prefer Tiana.
  • At the showcase, Tiana crashes Nessa’s performance and Cookie cuts Tiana’s mic. After Tiana calls Nessa a “dusty skank,” Nessa shoves her offstage. There is a cloud of flying limbs and loud smacking noises as palms meet faces, over and over again. No one really even tries to break it up. Of all the fights you’ll see on TV, this one has some of the best sound effects.
  • Lucious remarks to the whole company that his wife Anika is Empire’s “DNA.” Cookie is not happy to hear that. So she walks into Lucious’ office with a baseball bat and smashes his first platinum record, hanging on the wall. She reminds him of all the ways Empire’s DNA is, in fact, hers. Then she reaches back again, uncorks, and bashes him on the head. With a wood baseball bat. Of all the fights you’ll see on TV, this one has the most potential to result in really bad injuries.

Are any of the fights in this episode, titled “Sound and Fury,” resolved? Well, the Becky-Xavier situation changes, but not to anyone’s satisfaction. And Cookie storms out leaving Lucious covered in his own blood. But there are some new and unlikely alliances. After this week’s developments, it seems like everyone is going to need all the help they can get.

We think fights should be on TV, not with TV. So we make it easy. Catch last week’s Empire on PrimeTime Anytime, and tune in for new episodes Wednesdays at 9/8c. on Fox.