DIY Home Improvement

DIY and Home Improvement Shows on DISH

Home renovation projects and the shows that will inspire you

For most of us, changing a lightbulb is a big achievement. Watering the plants is basically a day’s work. The very thought of decorating or renovating or just moving some furniture around makes us feel tired. Ugh, we’ll get to it, ok?

Sometimes, all you need to look around and decide to fix things up or to make things nicer for yourself is a little inspiration. Fall is an excellent time for this! What if you could help your living situation by watching TV?

We’re saying you can probably help your living situation by watching TV. Real estate and home improvement shows abound, and they are full of good ideas. We’re talking about real people making actual houses more enjoyable. There are shows on HGTV. There are some on the DIY Network, which you can find in the America’s Top 200 DISH package and above. You can even find great DIY shows on Netflix.

If you have an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot integrated with your Hopper, Alexa can find them for you. Say, “Alexa, go to HGTV,” or, “Alexa, find Love It or List It.” Then, as you paint or hammer or patch things up, you can say, “Alexa, pause,” and take your time. Or, “Alexa, rewind,” to see anything you missed. Switch to DISH and buy an Amazon Echo Dot separately to go along with your subscription. Make that your first home improvement.

Then take on the rest of the house. Here is programming to help, from finding inspiration to cutting two-by-fours.


Do you even lift a hammer, bro? Brothers Kevin and Andrew certainly do, if its in service of creating a space for fun—even sort of ridiculous fun. A boat dock that’s a bowling alley? Sure. A tee box in a lake? Absolutely. A basement gambling den? Yes indeed. These crafty DIY projects will show you just how much fun your home can be.

Property Brothers

What is it about brothers and property? Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan have been in business together since they were kids, selling, among other things, coat hangars and clown services. Today, they’re in real estate. On Property Brothers, they help families and couples find homes they fit into. Usually, they’re fixer-uppers, and the brothers Scott help renovate, too. They’ve been at it for 10 seasons, and they’re still going strong. See some of their incredible room transformations.

By the way, you can watch Brother Drew on Dancing With The Stars season 25. It premieres September 18.

The Vanilla Ice Project
DIY Network

American lives have second acts, they say. The Vanilla Ice Project is Vanilla Ice’s. Look, did you think he was going to spend his whole life sporting a pompadour with lines shaved into the side of his head? We like Ice Ice Baby as much as anyone, but Vanilla Ice has moved on. We’ll follow. On The Vanilla Ice Project, Ice finds homes—mansions, really—to renovate and flip down in Florida. He’s good at it. He’s been doing it for 15 years. Who knew?

The Vanilla Ice Project is in season 7 and going strong. This season, watch Ice transform a dilapidated mansion and turn it into an oceanfront estate, complete with indoor hibachi grill room.

Love It or List It

He wants to list it and move across town. She thinks it just needs some love to become the perfect home. What do they do? They enlist David and Hilary from Love It or Leave It. David is generally not impressed. Sorry, but he’ll look for a suitable place for you. Hilary helps renovate—whether for the current or future owners’ benefit. With a renovated space and some options for new homes in hand, homeowners have to decide whether to stay or to go. Want to be inspired? See the best room transformations.

Design on a Dime

Inspiration for anyone who wants to make their house to look and feel more modern or just more their own. Episodes take a room and offer redecorating ideas, or they show how to work with, say, items you find at a yard sale. If you want to redecorate your penthouse, you can find ways to do that, too. The most important rule here? All decorating has to be done on a $2500 budget, tops. But even if your budget is $25, you can find ideas for that amount, too.

Texas Flip and Move
DIY Network

Three teams of hard working Texas real estate entrepreneurs compete head to head to buy low, work fast, and flip, flip, flip. The goal? To make the biggest profit. And, you know, to make sure not to destroy the house you’re working on in the process. There are some pretty impressive turnarounds here.

You don’t have to turn your whole life around to change your space up a little. Pick projects that are as small or big as you like. If you’re moving, remember you’ll need TV service. Otherwise you might just need a few small cans of paint and patches of patterned wallpaper.