Dead TV Characters We Want Back as Zombies

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Our pop-culture obsession with zombies has enormously ascended since the inception of The Walking Dead on AMC. Although we’ll probably never grow tired of watching our favorite protagonists decapitate the living dead in any conceivable form or fashion, very few movies or television shows have demonstrated any redeeming qualities in zombies that would perhaps make us want to root for them.

Many TV characters have died and left us dealing with the emotional grief of having to watch the series without them. So why don’t we make a list of some of the famous characters we’d like to see resurrected, bringing peace and harmony between man and zombie.

Dan Conner, ‘Roseanne’

For Generation X-ers, few television families were more relatable than the Conners from Roseanne. This blue-collar unit stuck together through thick and thin, and lovable father Dan Conner, played by John Goodman, was a primary reason for their likability.

However, Dan suffered a fatal heart attack in a memorable episode from the eighth season of Roseanne, and it was ultimately revealed in the show’s final season that Dan in fact died after that episode. Having Dan come back from the dead in his own spin-off series would not only bring smiles to many faces, but also add some much-needed comedy to the zombie genre.

Adriana La Cerva, ‘The Sopranos’

There were certainly quite a few memorable deaths on the acclaimed HBO series The Sopranos, but probably none were more difficult to deal with than the death of the beautiful and caring Adriana La Cerva.

As the longtime girlfriend and eventual fiancée of Tony’s right-hand man, Christopher, she helped bring a more tender side to the unstable gangster, but she was ultimately caught up in a conflict between the FBI and the mob that led to her demise. Even though The Sopranos has also long been dead, we could see Adriana returning as a zombie on The Walking Dead, maybe as a love interest for another tough guy like Sgt. Abraham Ford? Fingers crossed!

John Locke, ‘Lost’

Although basically everyone on the hit series Lost was, um, more or less “dead” already, it was ultimately revealed that everyone’s favorite bald-headed adventurer, John Locke, had died as a means of sacrificing himself for the good of the rest of the island’s survivors. If you’re looking for a zombie that could help you out of plenty of sticky situations, look no further than Locke. The man not only survived a plane crash, but also walked away from the accident completely cured of his broken back that left him in a wheelchair.

The Walking Dead could always use more courageous members on the team, and a man — or zombie — like Locke would certainly be a devoted member.