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The Best Cooking Shows on TV—and Elsewhere

We at DISH pride ourselves on catering to all tastes. We mean this quite literally. If you are a person who eats food and can distinguish different tastes and textures, there is excellent TV programming out there for you. And you can watch it however you want on DISH.

The cooking show genre has exploded in recent years. Once upon a time, it was a few shows in studio kitchens. Now you can watch celebrity chefs tour the world, sampling delicacies and swapping wisdom with the locals. But you can also find shows where a nice person explains pans and blenders. Which, THANK YOU, nice person.

Here is a small part of the the variety—nay, the feast of cooking shows you can find on DISH and watch on TV, Netflix, YouTube, or even DISH Anywhere.

Great British Baking Show
PBS, Fridays at 9 p.m. starting June 16

The third season of the Great British Baking Show was one of the most frequently streamed shows on PBS. Now, it’s coming back for a fourth season, starting June 16. The Great British Baking Show follows amateur bakers who take on culinary challenges of increasing difficulty. Their dishes are judged by Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood, two British baking—wait for it—tastemakers. It is maybe the friendliest reality show competition you will ever see.

Good Eats
Cooking Channel, see local listings

Learn how to cook familiar, tasty meals easily and efficiently. Host Alton Brown also fills you in on the histories of certain dishes and the science behind cooking them, which can be interesting. But if you’re looking to up your game from anxiously following recipes to understanding the fundamentals and putting your own touch on your meals, this is a great series. Watch it on the Cooking Channel when you subscribe to America’s Top 200 and higher packages.

The Pioneer Woman
Food Network, see local listings

You might think she’s called the Pioneer Woman because she lives in Oklahoma, but really it’s because she’s like the first person to parlay her blog into a TV show. And a wonderful TV show it is! Chef Ree Drummond spends each episode preparing large and delicious meals for her family and guests at her Oklahoma cattle ranch. She makes classic favorites for kids, huge meat dishes, egg breakfasts for crowds, miracles from leftovers, and Pinterest-worthy salad bowls. This is all extremely helpful. Watch on The Food Network on DISH channel 110 or on DISH Anywhere.

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown
CNN, Sundays at 9 p.m. and DISH Anywhere

If you haven’t discovered Parts Unknown, let us put it on your map. It’s the quintessential culinary adventure show. Writer and Food Network alum Anthony Bourdain travels to corners of the world that have not as yet had a huge influence on the American diet. Notoriously, he samples the strangest dishes he can find, in part because he is a bad boy of the culinary scene. Also, he swears. (But bad language is censored on TV.)

Dead Set on Life
VICELAND, Thursdays at 10 p.m. and DISH Anywhere

It’s a VICELAND take on culinary adventure, so you know you can expect high octane antics, sort of like a heavy metal Parts Unknown. Chef Matty Matheson treks through Canada, eating everything from gas station fare to traditional delicacies to fine, gourmet dishes. He also parades through Canada’s frozen winter landscape wearing little except his tattoos, bellowing about the local culture and historical curiosities. But in the end, it’s all about the food and the good people who make it. Get VICELAND with America’s Top 200 and larger DISH packages.

I’ll Have What Phil’s Having

And so will you.

Good old Phil Rosenthal, a down-to-earth producer with a reputation as one of the funniest guys in Hollywood, travels to six of the world’s culinary capitals to sample each city’s specialty, or, alternately, some weirdo thing, like a century-old egg. Watch six episodes now on Netflix. Netflix is integrated with the Hopper 3, so you can watch on your TV.

My Drunk Kitchen

Cooking is a form of expression, and like other forms of expression, it can be easier with the help of potent potables. Adult beverages. You know. Booze. And so it is in My Drunk Kitchen, a treasure of a cooking show hosted by comedian and skilled imbiber Hannah Hart. Each episode features an inebriated Hart making something very simple to eat after quantities of wine and/or vodka. There are occasional celebrity appearances. (The celebrities also are drunk.) Watch My Drunk Kitchen on TV with the integrated YouTube app on the Hopper 3 DVR.

See? It’s not just TV. It’s a banquet. Savor it.