What to binge watch on Pi Day

Shows to Watch on Pi Day

Irrationally good TV

Happy Pi Day, 3/14! Pi, or as math wizards call it, π, which is actually a Greek letter, is a number much like other numbers—like 3, 5, or 8. Or 358. You know: numbers. Pi was discovered by Archimedes one day when he was looking for something else.

Pi is actually very interesting.

The weird thing about pi is that it has an endless series of digits. It’s 3.14159265359… and then it just keeps going on like that, number after number, without ever repeating, forever. Why? Who knows? Some say pi is an irrational number. This seems correct.

We punched a bunch of calculator buttons and covered glass walls with complex equations, and we have determined that the best way to celebrate Pi Day is with a binge session. Let the episodes, like pi itself, stretch before you with no repeats in sight. There are really good series on right now that are well worth your attention, and DISH’s simple interface is designed to make binge-watching easy. Way easier than math.


Now in its improbable fifth season, Nashville continues to rivet audiences with the saga of country music superstars Rayna and Juliette. It starts with a plane crash that only Juliette survives and quickly moves on to the stories of Rayna’s next album, Highway 65’s money troubles, a YouTube diva’s drama, a car crash, a stalker, and much more. Like the country music capital itself, Nashville moves quick.

True Detective

If time is a flat circle, the ratio of its circumference to its diameter would be pi. Just like every other circle. That’s what pi is. If you haven’t seen True Detective’s two seasons yet, don’t wait until the universe’s next go-round. Now is the time.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Pi is an infinite series of numbers. A Series of Unfortunate Events, for better or worse, is not an infinite series. Enjoy it on Netflix for all it’s worth.

The Curse of Oak Island

It is supposed that somewhere on Oak Island, off of Nova Scotia, there exists a pile of treasure that has been stashed there undisturbed and unclaimed for 220 years. In this reality series, brothers Rick and Marty Lagina head to the island to run any and all hints, rumors, whispers, folk tales, theories, allegations, and speculations to ground. They cross paths with Christopher Columbus, King Solomon, Francis Bacon, and others in their quest to get to the bottom of what they call the Money Pit—the swamp where the island’s treasure is presumed to have been buried. Spend four seasons looking into it. You may not have heard of it, but The Curse of Oak Island is one of the most popular series on DISH.

Silicon Valley

No target is more ripe for satire than startup culture in the Silicon Valley. Sure, many billions of dollars in venture capital pour into scrappy tech businesses that give us diaper delivery apps and sneakers that can take pictures, and that is why we live in this, our glorious future. But the people who make our software are mortals like the rest of us and prone to all the same gaffes and foibles. It makes for good TV. Silicon Valley is another one of those shows that has quietly built a cult following. If you’re not part of it, join now. No venture capital required.

The Bachelor

The final rose ceremony of season 21 took place last night. Did you miss it? Catch up with the wacky antics of the whole cast. They wanted roses, sure, but they were also aspiring dolphin trainers, shark costume wearers, and conspicuous nappers. Confused? Weirded out? Unable to look away? Yes, that’s the idea. We recommend bingeing in 3.14 hour increments. After a while, you’ll probably need a break. But unlike the losing contestants, you’ll be back.

This Is Us

Season one of last fall’s surprise breakout hit is heading toward a conclusion, and the series has already been renewed for two more seasons. This Is Us is a family epic that moves back and forward in time to tell the story of three siblings and their parents as they stumble on personal hangups and make life-altering sacrifices without really knowing why. Performances by the ensemble cast, including Mandy Moore and Sterling K. Brown, have received wide acclaim. This Is Us has rather quietly maintained its status as one of the most popular shows on TV.

You don’t need calculus to tell you when you’re watching great TV. Enjoy your Pi Day binge.