Best TV Character Presidential Candidates for 2016

It’s 2015, which means you’re about to endure endless debates, scathing attack advertisements and infinite lawn ornament endorsements until the 2016 Presidential election. But let’s be real — is next year’s crop of political candidates thrilling enough to get you excited about Election Day 2016?

If only our next voting ballot featured intriguing candidates such as the ruthless Frank from House of Cards, the noble Josiah Bartlet from The West Wing or the courageous David Palmer from 24. Well, we certainly have the constitutional right to vote for one of these fictional politicians, so here’s a list of the best political television characters we’d like to see run for president in 2016:

Remy Danton, ‘House of Cards’

Perhaps what fuels the obsession with House of Cards is that we’re finally seeing politicians portrayed the way we’ve always suspected them of behaving: like merciless, backstabbing, power-hungry sociopaths. While House of Cards is full of potential candidates, it’s hard to choose a character who actually possesses some morals. However, if there’s one person on the show who seems to have a heart, as well as the savviness and knowledge to succeed as head of state, it’s Remy Danton.

Remy is a big behind-the-scenes guy in Washington D.C., and he can always spot a good opportunity when one presents itself. His qualifications include several years as a political lobbyist, time spent as communications director for Underwood’s political staff and a brief tenure as the White House chief of staff. He not only knows the ins and outs of Capitol Hill, but his tenderness toward Rep. Jackie Sharp showed us that Remy does have a lighter side and is capable of compassion that Frank Underwood could never possess.

Selina Meyer, ‘Veep’

In the four seasons of the HBO comedy and political satire Veep, Vice President Selina Meyer has blossomed from being often overlooked by other cabinet members to proving she’s a qualified and eager Presidential candidate on the campaign trail. Her catch phrase of “I’d like to be remembered as the people’s Vice President” demonstrates her down-to-earth approachability. We’re sure that through her various experiences and encounters in the White House, she’s more than qualified to handle the pressures of the media circus surrounding next year’s Presidential election.

Fitzgerald Grant, ‘Scandal’

One of the most overlooked qualities a President can have is being able to pick out and assemble an all-star cast for his or her cabinet. Perhaps no political character has demonstrated this ability for eyeing talent quite like Scandal President Fitzgerald Grant. With Olivia Pope and her team of dirt diggers at his side, at the very least we’ll be presented with plenty of juicy political gossip if Fitz were to run for office in 2016. Plus, the man is a Harvard Law School graduate, a former U.S. Navy fighter pilot and previously held office as the governor of California. When’s the last time you’ve seen credentials like that in a candidate?

Lisa Simpson, ‘The Simpsons’

Cartoon character or not, there is no denying the incredible intelligence, leadership qualities, and overall kindness and empathy of Lisa Simpson. Besides being probably the only entirely sane person living in Springfield, Lisa has continuously demonstrated all the traits we look for in a President. In fact, there’s even one episode that predicted Lisa being sworn into office in 2020 to serve the country after a four-year term of none other than Donald Trump. Coincidence? Please save us all, Lisa!