Welcome To Premiere Season

Fall TV Preview

Cooler breezes are blowing, and leaves will be changing colors soon enough. Fall is here—you can feel it. To us, it’s just another season in the Golden Age of Television. Tune in. TV just keeps getting better.

Not only will fall bring back our favorite TV shows, we can also count on new shows making their mark. There are spinoffs and prequels, undercover military investigators and paranormal detectives, soap operas about the rich and famous, and historical murder mysteries.

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Here are the shows that promise to be the biggest hits of fall.

American Horror Story: Cult
September 5 at 10:30 PM EST on FX

Bring on a new season of scary. What makes American Horror Story unique is that each season features a different storyline with different actors and actresses cast solely for that particular season. While the title of this season is Cult (not that you have to be in one to watch), there is way more to it than just that. Bees, killer clowns, and worst of all, the 2016 presidential election loom large in this fright fest, and Nicole Kidman stars. Is it possible that this AHS will be the best one yet?

Young Sheldon
September 25 at 8:30pm on CBS

This prequel series to the popular Big Bang Theory follows the life of nine-year-old Sheldon Cooper, boy genius. Jim Parsons, the same actor who plays Sheldon in the grown-up version of the show, narrates the series of his less mature self. If you think your home life is hectic and crazy, wait until you see what goes on in the Cooper household.

The Brave
September 25 at 10 PM on NBC

For every fictional Superman or Batman out there, there are the real life heroes that we live beside every day. These real life heroes also have stories that we don’t hear told every day, either. The Brave follows the tales of undercover military operatives as they fight to make our country a better place, one mission at a time. If you want to see a combination of Burn Notice and The Hurt Locker, The Brave sure to have you on the edge of your seat.

October 1 at 8:30pm on FOX

No, it’s not your online dating buddy you suddenly can’t get a hold of. It’s a paranormal comedy. If 21 Jump Street was set in a supernatural world, it might look like this. In this comedic-based detective series, Craig Robinson (The Office) and Adam Scott (Parks and Recreation) team up to investigate spooky doings and creepy creatures, putting a light-hearted twist on the genre.

October 11 at 9pm on CW

This reboot of the 1980’s classic TV drama just puts the “nasty” in “Dynasty.” It’s so steamy your TV screen might fog up. This take on the lifestyles of the rich and the famous will make you jealous, outraged, and most of all entertained, all at the same time. Meritocracy never sounded so appealing!

October 13 on Netflix

If you’ve ever read the news and wondered what kind of a twisted minds could capable of such horrors, etc., this is the show for you. Set in 1979, it stars FBI special agents learning how to profile the criminally insane. If you like Criminal Minds then you will absolutely love this show, which, INCIDENTALLY, will be released on Friday the 13th. It’s based on stories and research from leading criminal psychologists, which gives it an extra creepy true-life vibe.

The Last O.G.
October 24 at 10pm on TBS

Ever imagine waking up one day to discover your world has changed around you overnight? That’s basically what happens to Tracy Morgan in this series, as he plays an ex-con who has just been released from prison after 15 years. He returns to a completely different Brooklyn than the one he once knew. Hijinks ensue as he tries to navigate the brave new world that he was once king of and is now trying to climb back into through the castle window.

Alias Grace
November 3 on Netflix

Margaret Atwood sure has hit it big on television. The Handmaid’s Tale, based on her 1985 novel, is swimming in Emmy Nominations. Now Alias Grace, a six-part miniseries, is set for release November 3 on Netflix. It tells the story of the most notorious convicted murderer—or murderess, as she prefers—in 1840s Upper Canada, and the criminal psychologist who investigates her case. Grace will undoubtedly be a classic TV character.

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