Best Actor Comebacks of 2015

We’ve seen plenty of celebrities fall. Some have been train wrecks and others have simply disappeared off the face of the earth. However, the true measure of a celebrity is his or her ability to make a dramatic comeback.

Of course, no one is holding their breath for the comeback of LiLo. But there are a few Hollywood stars we’ve been begging to see again — and oh how they have delivered. Check out the 2015 comeback kings of the red carpet:

Arnold Schwarzenegger

The California waves haven’t washed away Schwarzenegger’s delicious Austrian accent, and his role as a political figure hasn’t stolen his love for the limelight. In fact, after a twelve year break, Schwarzenegger has graciously returned to his most famous role in the July release of Terminator: Genisys. The latest in the Terminator franchise wasn’t exactly a hit, but at least our favorite former bodybuilder came back just as he’d promised.

Ryan Reynolds

The dim light of the Green Lantern wasn’t enough to ignite the fire in Reynolds’ acting career. Though his recent flop streak may have been a result of bad timing rather than poor acting, because Reynolds is rebounding like a champ. His leading role in the 2015 dark comedy The Voices put him back on the map. Sure, he plays a guy who is eight different kinds of crazy and talks to his pets, but it looks like Reynolds is here to stay.

Tom Cruise

This Hollywood hunk seemed to have disappeared, but he and his suave hairdo are making a comeback in Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation this summer. Cruise has been in a few other action-packed thrillers in the past few years, but none are as notable or daring as this series. A mission to come back into the limelight isn’t so impossible after all.