6 Reasons To Pay Attention To “Knock Knock Live” This Summer

Knock Knock Live

Summer used to be filled with boring TV reruns and lame space fillers. After cable networks started snatching viewers away with popular summertime programming, broadcast networks took notice and decided to take a chance on some new alternatives.

Summer eventually became a vibrant breeding ground for all sorts of unscripted series and competition shows: Big Brother, Survivor, American Idol and plenty of others all had summer as their launching pad.

This year, the sounds of summer will include a knock on the door — literally. FOX’s new Knock Knock Live (Tuesdays beginning July 21) will feature host Ryan Seacrest surprising unsuspecting people by granting them wishes and awarding them big prizes for answering a simple knock on their door at home.

There’s more to it, of course. But here are six reasons to pay attention to the show:

  1. It’s Live (Well … At Least On The East Coast).
    You never know what might happen on live TV. But Seacrest’s seasoned exuberance has been able to handle just about anything on a live show — whether it’s the live editions of American Idol or the party-on atmosphere of Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve With Ryan Seacrest.
  1. At Least It’s Not An American Idol Spinoff.
    Anyone remember American Juniors? Back in 2003, FOX thought that Seacrest hosting an Idol spinoff competition featuring young kids would be a sure-fire hit. Not true.
  2. Everyone Loves A Surprise.
    Audiences like to root for an underdog. And part of the premise of Knock Knock Live is to bring a boost to the lives of those who really need help. Prepare for a few heartstrings to be tugged.
  3. Star Power.
    Although Seacrest will be in a Los Angeles studio during each show, the Knock Knock Live team will include celebrities showing up at people’s doorsteps to make their dreams come true. Seacrest has lots of celebrity pals. And they’ll be happy to help out.
  1. Don’t Ignore That Knock On Your Own Door.
    If you’re in the middle of watching Knock Knock Live and someone knocks at your door, you’d better answer it … because, well, you never know …
  2. It’s Yet Another Gig For Ryan Seacrest.
    FOX has already announced that the next season of American Idol will be its last. So you just knew that Seacrest would need something else to do. After all, between being a regular TV host (American Idol, E! News, E! Live From the Red Carpet, The Million Second Quiz), a TV producer (Keeping Up With the Kardashians, I Wanna Marry “Harry,” Shahs of Sunset, Mixology) and also a syndicated daily and weekly radio host (On Air With Ryan Seacrest, American Top 40 With Ryan Seacrest), he just doesn’t have enough on his plate.