5 of the Best Episodes of The Office

Top 5 office Episodes

There are certain points in a person’s life that stand out from the rest. For some it’s a graduation, the day they got married or when their first child was born. For me, it was when Netflix released the entire series of The Office. Let’s take a look of some of the funniest episodes throughout this nine-season series:

1. ‘Dinner Party’

Deep into the middle of Season 4 lies the most cringe-worthy episode of The Office, “Dinner Party.” This entails Jim and Pam joining Michael and Jan in their condo as dinner guests. It could contain the most uncomfortable interactions on the show, and that’s saying a lot. At one point, Jim even addresses the situation by saying that he’s unsure if Michael and Jan are playing a game of how awkward they can make their guests. Andy and Angela are there, and Dwight crashes the party with an old babysitter as his date. Michael discusses at length his multiple vasectomies from across the table, and Jan dances seductively to a CD of her assistant’s songs. Lots of good stuff here.

2. ‘Booze Cruise’

The earliest episode on this list featured the entire Dunder Mifflin Scranton crew (and company) heading out on a cruise, in February. This was one of the first and last times we get to see Jim and his then-girlfriend Katy interact. Long story short, Michael gets himself tied up outside on the boat. In a moment of weakness, Jim confesses to Michael his feelings for Pam. It results in one of the most sincere and inspiring moments between the two in which Michael throws him some wisdom: “If you like her so much, don’t give up. Never, ever give up.”

3. ‘The Job’

This episode takes place back when Jim and Karen were an item, and we spent most of our days hoping the show’s creators would put Jim and Pam together instead. Here, Jim and Karen head to New York City to interview for a corporate position. Michael is also interviewing, and he hilariously sells his condo before he lands the job (spoiler alert: He doesn’t get it). Thankfully, the episode ends with Jim leaving Karen in New York, coming back to Scranton and asking Pam out on the spot. Swoon.

4. ‘The Injury’

Hilarity ensues in this episode when Michael burns his foot on a George Foreman Grill because he wanted to wake up to the smell of fresh bacon. He hops around work asking for sympathy for his recently crippled self. Meanwhile, Dwight is the one with the real injury, which he suffered after hitting a pole with his car because he wanted to be the one to save Michael. Thanks to his concussion, Dwight starts acting weirdly different and even strikes up a friendship with Pam.

5. ‘Casino Night’

This episode is a classic for The Office. Here we get to see Michael try to juggle two women — Jan and Carol — at one party. In addition, Jim finally confesses his feelings for Pam and even kisses her to end the episode and season.