Travelling Nightmares

Problems when travelling

We’ve all seen movies and television shows come up with some of the worst things that could happen to you on vacation. Whether it’s running into an old flame on your honeymoon, picking up someone else’s identical suitcase at the airport or checking into a haunted hotel, our television heroes have seen it all.

It’s hard to watch those shows without noting that the predicaments are a bit unrealistic. With that in mind, take a look at some actual, common travel nightmares that you may want to avoid:

Low-thread-count hotel sheets

These sheets can ruin your vacation much more than you’d think. Not only will a good night’s sleep be hard to come by, but your significant other is likely to turn the cold shoulder on your romantic plans.

Leaving your passport at home

If you’re traveling internationally, this is one of the biggest nightmares that can come true. Best-case scenario: You find yourself throwing money at an Uber driver while he races from the airport to your apartment and back again. Worst-case scenario: You’re on the way home and get trapped at your international destination’s airport. Hey, you’ve always wanted to see the embassy, right?

Forgetting the kids

Yes, Home Alone was funny. Yes, it is a timeless holiday classic. No, you cannot actually forget your kids and not get child services called on you.

Timeshare presentations

It isn’t worth the free cruise. Seriously, just say no. No matter how good a deal it seems to be, no matter how great the location is, just say no.