The Different Fans of MLB​

Although this MLB season is shaping up to be pretty exciting, it’s not always the teams we find to be the most exciting — it’s the fans. Whether you’re in the stands with a beer in hand or watching the game at home with all your buddies, keep an eye out for these kinds of MLB fans:

The Rolex

This fan is fresh from work and still wearing his suit jacket. You might expect to find a glass of aged bourbon in his hand, but no — he’s sipping on a Miller Lite. Consider this the frat bro of the real world.

The Nacho Connoisseur

This guy takes a trip to the concession stand (or the fridge) at least once every 30 minutes, sinking his teeth into chemically engineered queso as much as possible. Although he is, in fact, here for the baseball, he’s also kind of here for the food — and he’s definitely already had that bacon on a stick they’ve been showing on the news.

The Belligerent Noise Maker

We’re never sure if he’s really drunk or just obnoxious, but this guy is the one who’s screaming at the top of his lungs. The best part is when he begins to scream about things that have nothing to do with the game.

The I’m-Here-for-the-Beer Dude

Spotting one of these fans is simple: Look for someone wearing a noncommittal shirt (who’s playing, again?) with a craft beer in hand.

The Talking Statistic

The only reason this guy isn’t still collecting baseball cards is because his family staged an intervention.

The Bandwagon Fan

But who can really blame him? Enthusiasm is contagious, after all.