Travel Tips: How to Stay Connected

Whether for work or pleasure, traveling is one of the most exciting activities a person can do. Yet it’s not always easy to leave your family, friends and life behind, especially on long trips. With that in mind, this article will provide a few handy suggestions on ways to help travelers stay connected… and DISH is included! Tips might feature practical things like:

1.) Take pre-stamped postcards with you when you leave. Email is fine, but nothing beats sending handwritten messages home to your loved ones, and pre-stamped cards are much easier than looking for postage while you’re away.

2.) Schedule daily or weekly Skype sessions with your children or your spouse. For extra fun, get creative and plan unique shared Skype activities, like eating the same meal together or watching the same TV show (kids especially love that one).

3.) Download the DISH Anywhere app and stay connected to your favorite TV shows and your home DVR while you’re away! Since traveling often leaves you at the mercy of whatever few channels your hotel offers, DISH Anywhere can help prevent any boring down time during your trip.

4.) Being away from home can make charging your electronics trickier than usual, so remember to bring along a spare external battery pack for your phone and laptop. They’re smaller than a mini-flashlight and can mean the difference between staying connected and losing touch.

5.) Scope out free and convenient Wi-Fi hotspots at nearby restaurants, etc. It’s always helpful to know you can get online in a pinch if needed.

6.) Purchase a temporary international calling plan if you’re leaving the country. You don’t want to risk being unable to phone home, and there are many different plans to choose from.

7.) Try reserving a friendly Airbnb instead of an impersonal hotel. You can usually rent a full apartment for the cost of a single sleeping room, and it’s guaranteed to feel more like home.