The TV Experience Evolves Again With HOPPER 3™

At no time have there ever been more options for accessing and watching TV. People who are trying to figure out how they will get, view and manage their entertainment content should look no further than the new HOPPER 3™, which DISH unveiled at the recent 2016 CES. The HOPPER 3™ is a satellite receiver for the modern age, delivering TV in a way that is both personalized and manageable and supports 4K technology. Here’s a breakdown of how this generation of HOPPER is upgrading the TV experience once again.

Wherever, Whenever, However

Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, TV-on-the-go services, smart TVs and advanced receivers have not only expanded our TV options, but they’ve also launched countless arguments over who gets to watch what where. Conflicts stemming from different TV preferences and age ranges are a thing of the past with the HOPPER 3™; now, you can watch and record 16 shows at once and support up to seven TVs. One shared home video network can record up to 500 hours of HD programming or up to 2,000 hours of SD programming. No one has to miss out on anything.

Likewise, you can personalize your TV schedule by watching shows when and how you want. The HopperGo eliminates the woes created when you’re without an Internet connection or running low on mobile device storage by using Wi-Fi hotspot technology and up to 100 hours of storage space. Bring it along, plug it into your mobile device whenever you’re ready and catch up on your favorite shows.

Furthermore, the HOPPER 3™’s two terabytes of storage space means users can make TV match their schedule, instead of the other way around. Show start times can be ignored, as long as the show is set to be recorded (just make sure to avoid social media spoilers). Working late? Ask the family to hold off on watching that season finale so you can watch it together. What’s more, if you’d like to watch live sports games as the action happens, the Mosaic feature allows for up to six channels to be viewed simultaneously.

A New Experience

The transition from analog to digital TV meant crisper, more reliable channels — but it also caused new complaints such as slow channel load times and confusing programming guides and menus. The redesigned HOPPER 3™ user interface, advanced search functions and voice control features address these concerns.

The interface features a cleaner, modern design and offers automatic quick help whenever “#” is pressed. The search function has a predictive component and searches all content through the programming guide and On Demand library. The HOPPER Voice Remote enables users to change channels, play movies or launch apps with voice commands.

Ushering in 4K

The progression of TV from standard definition to 1080p continues with the (albeit slow) adoption of 4K. Last year, DISH introduced the first 4K set-top box (4K Joey), so HOPPER features could be used with 4K TVs. The HOPPER 3™ completes the 4K ecosystem by adding a receiver to the family.

It’s still a process to find 4K TV content, and it may be some time before it’s the new standard. It’s hard to argue against the quality and sharpness of a 4K screen. If you plan on going 4K this year (or this decade), the HOPPER 3™ doesn’t require a 4K TV — but it’ll be ready when you take that next step.

App Happy

As the popularity of streaming TV apps continues to rise, products are forced to become an all-in-one entertainment destination. The HOPPER 3™ comes with Netflix, Pandora, VEVO and tons more apps built in, so viewers can binge watch or stream music to their heart’s content. These apps can be launched with the voice controls on the HOPPER remote.