The Best Apps for Moving

Moving to a new home is an enormous process, especially if that new home is in a new city. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average American will move more than 11 times in his or her lifetime, and it never gets easier with practice. There’s finding a home, finding movers, renting a truck, learning a new area and sometimes, finding a new job.

But when a move feels overwhelming, technology steps in to save the today. In 2016, you can arrange every last detail of a move with nothing more than your smartphone and a few apps. If you’re planning a move this year, download these apps to your iPhone or Android to make life easier.

You might already know from the (extremely) strange commercials featuring Jeff Goldblum. Its smartphone app has some unique features that make it easy to find that perfect place to set up shop. Most apartment apps let you filter by price, amenities and zip code, but lets you literally draw a circle on the map to help narrow your search.


Finding an apartment or house is one thing, but what about the neighborhood? A neighborhood is a community that can make or break your living experience, so you might as well find a good one. NextDoor participates with 93,000 U.S. neighborhoods, connecting neighbors with services and local restaurants and promoting neighborhood safety.


This is a must-have app for a new city, especially if you don’t know anyone and the idea of a Tinder date is repulsive. Meetup isn’t just for singles, and it’s the perfect place to connect with like-minded people who share similar hobbies. Are you into to camping? There is a Meetup group for camping on the weekends. Want to find the best coffee places around town? Find a Meetup group that likes hanging around coffee shops. The possibilities are virtually endless.


Waze is your typical GPS navigation app on steroids. It’s a social community of drivers across the country who report everything from traffic accidents to cheap gas prices to the service, so the app can tell you the best route and places to fill up. And because it’s a social app, you can even see how your friends commute to work each day and share tips about the best roads in town.

Moving Van

Even when you mark boxes by room and purpose, it’s easy to lose track what’s inside the endless sea of cardboard containers. Moving Van helps organize your move by remembering what you packed where, so you can stay on top of your inventory and get everything up and running in your new home.

My Tech

Are you tired wasting hours of your time waiting for the TV guy to set up your TV service? With DISH, you don’t need to. For the easiest installation process, DISH offers the My Tech countdown feature. My Tech provides updates by the minute on when the DISH installation van will make it to your home.


With a new home comes lots of new stuff. And if you’re like many Americans, you’re ordering a lot of that stuff online. Deliveries brings all your shipping under one roof, so you can track every shipment from varies websites and companies to make sure everything arrives on time and in good condition. Gone are the days of typing in annoying tracking numbers across several websites.

Offer Up

Whether you’re selling off old items before the move or buying new supplies for a new home. Offer Up is a simple, easy-to-use app where you can buy and sell items locally. In theory, the site is not much different than Craigslist, but functionality is about the only thing the two have in common. Offer Up has a much friendlier user interface and is free of all the clutter we usually associate with Craigslist.