All Hail Powerless

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Two more days to watch Powerless on PrimeTime Anytime

IN A WORLD where regular people go about their lives, taking trains, working in office buildings, hoping for a promotion, dreaming of the next big thing… in a world like that, things would be pretty normal. And that’s basically what NBC’s new series Powerless is about. The everyday lives of a bunch of people who work together in an office in the fictional Charm City.

There is just this one weird thing about the world of Powerless. The thing is, as everybody goes about his or her business, supervillains and superheroes intrude unannounced from time to time to do battle in the skies and streets. The earth shakes, windows shatter, and, in general, havoc is wrought. In the first scene, we watch a wayward fireball knock an elevated train right off its tracks and into the arms of a masked superhero. It’s all a major inconvenience.

But, life goes on. In this first episode, we meet Emily Locke (Vanessa Hudgens), a plucky business school graduate and go-getter. It’s her first day on the job as Director of Research and Development at Wayne Securities. That’s Wayne as in Bruce Wayne. As it happens, Emily’s boss is Van Wayne (Alan Tudyk), Bruce’s cousin, and he’s having lots of trouble motivating the R&D staff (including Danny Pudi, Christina Kirke, and Ron Funches) to create marketable products for citizens who need to protect themselves from superhero ravages. For example, we learn that the leading cause of office accidents is Superman crashing through the windows. That’s where Emily comes in. She’s supposed to help come up with something practical and impressive before everyone gets fired. Have a look.

It’s a light-hearted, fresh, and clever take on both the superhero genre and working-life TV shows. We eagerly await the next episode, which airs tomorrow at 8:30!

The first episode of Powerless is available on PrimeTime Anytime, the DISH feature that automatically records primetime programming on select major networks. But it will only be available to watch for two more days. Go to it! Here are 9 other things to look forward to.

  • Van Wayne is so close to his cousin Bruce he calls him B-Dubs
  • Bruce Wayne’s business how-to guide Wayne or Lose
  • Anti-Joker venom (you really just have to see it in action)
  • ”I’m gonna cut you off here, because I’m assuming you lived.”
  • Danny Pudi explaining his job as Chief Design Officer (…“I alter the structure of expectations…”)
  • A voiceover cameo by Adam West
  • The delightfully minor superhero and supervillain characters Crimson Fox and Jack O’Lantern
  • Vanessa Hudgens taking a quick post-train-wreck selfie
  • Lex Luthor’s interesting new job

All this and more when you check out the first episode of Powerless using PrimeTime Anytime. To access your PrimeTime Anytime recordings, just hit the DVR button on your DISH remote and scroll to PrimeTime Anytime. Follow the menu options to watch Powerless on NBC, and enjoy!