Keep a House Full of TV Lovers Happy w/ HOPPER 3™


If you have a house full of TV lovers, you’re going to love the HOPPER 3™. No more arguing over who can watch their shows live. No more wrangling to get the TV that’s connected to the DVR. No more worrying about precious storage space. Upgrade how your family experiences TV — and let peace reign in your home.

HOPPER 3™: What It Can Do

Recently unveiled at CES 2016, the HOPPER 3™ is a smart satellite receiver that lets you watch and record up to 16 channels at once. One HOPPER 3™ accommodates up to seven TVs, so every set in your house will be covered (unless, of course, you have more than seven TVs). It’s been redesigned with consumer feedback in mind, offering a sleek new user interface and a next-generation touch-and-talk voice-control remote. Other features include:

  • 4K resolution support
  • Predictive search of all content, including TV channels, recorded shows, Netflix and On Demand content
  • Mosaic screen feature on select channels allows viewers to watch up to six shows or games at once
  • More than 70 SiriusXM music channels, with qualifying packages
  • Loaded with apps, including Netflix, Pandora, VEVO and a variety of family entertainment and gaming apps
  • Supports TV Anywhere, DISH Anywhere, DISH Explorer and Sling technology

In addition, the processor powering the Hopper 3™ has been updated and operates seven times faster than the previous generation. You can search, flip through channels and access content faster than ever before.

Introducing the HopperGo: For Your Mobile TV Experience

With the HopperGo, you can take your shows and movies with you and watch them wherever and whenever you want. The HopperGo is a small device that combines Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities with up to 100 hours of storage space. Simply transfer your entertainment programming to the HopperGo, plug it into your smartphone or tablet and watch your content — without filling up the storage on your mobile device.

This Is Conflict-Free TV

Let’s look at how a household full of diverse TV tastes can live together in harmony.

For starters, this is whole-home entertainment. The HOPPER 3™ enables multi-room content sharing and whole-home HD DVR service. Plus, it comes with a massive two terabytes of storage, which means there’s no more jockeying for storage space or arguing over who’s going to delete their shows to make room for new content to be recorded. With the HOPPER 3™, you can record up to 500 hours of HD programming or up to 2,000 hours of SD programming.

What does that mean? It means your Netflix binger can hole up in their room and watch the new season of “House of Cards” while your sports fans gather in the family room and split the screen between two or three big games. At the same time, your YouTuber can watch the latest videos in their bedroom, all while you’re recording the season finale of your favorite show to watch later.

No more arguing. You might have different interests and schedules, but the new HOPPER 3™ makes conflict over TV a thing of the past.