Improve Your Mobile TV Experience With HopperGO


Americans spend more time on their mobile devices than they do watching TV, according to a Flurry Insights report. A Nielsen survey found nearly half of smartphone owners (46 percent) and tablet owners (43 percent) use their devices as second screens while watching TV every day. It was only a matter of time before mobile devices were optimized for TV lovers, and that time is now. With the following HopperGO and DISH Anywhere mobile features, people might not even mind how long their commute or wait time is. The mobile TV experience is about to step up its game big time for 2016.


Expanded storage.

It’s nice to download a movie or a few TV episodes when preparing for a long flight without Wi-Fi, but that video content eats up valuable storage space. With the HopperGO, forget about erasing apps, music or pictures to free up space on your device — with up to 100 hours of storage space, you can have your multimedia cake and eat it, too. That equates to every episode of Game of Thrones andevery Star Wars movie made (including The Force Awakens once it becomes available) with more than 30 hours left to spare. Simply plug the HopperGO into your mobile device and access your collection wherever you are.

On any screen size.

An iPad might still be the ideal mobile device for watching TV, but with smartphone screens increasing in screen size and speed, the gap is closing. The HopperGO can be used with any iOS or Android-powered smartphone or tablet.

On up to five devices.

Ninety percent of U.S. households have three or more Internet-connected devices, according to the communication technology company Ericsson. A “one-device pony” has obvious drawbacks. The HopperGO enables your entire entertainment collection to be broadcast to up to five devices at the same time. More devices, no more problems.

DISH Anywhere

Don’t forget about the DISH Anywhere app, which has always been the platform for a great mobile TV experience. DISH Anywhere enables you to watch live TV, from sporting events to prime-time TV, and anything from the On Demand selection. Recorded programs can be watched with DISH Anywhere, and those programs can be stored on the HopperGO. So if you’re going somewhere with no Internet access, simply use the DISH Anywhere app to transfer content to your mobile device and watch from there or save the storage space by using HopperGO.

The mobile-optimized program guide also allows you to search, filter, find and record shows from your mobile device. When you get home, turn on the TV and connect to the DISH Anywhere app from your receiver for a seamless experience.

Finally, the DISH Explorer app adds yet another element to the mobile TV experience. Users can discover trending shows, engage fans over Twitter and Facebook and access other features that expand the functionality of the Hopper.