Hopper 3 Reviews — A Press Roundup


It’s official: The new DISH Hopper 3™ DVR is a hit. Ever since we unveiled the Hopper 3 DVR at a press conference during this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, the critics have been blown away — CNET even dubbed it “the most powerful and feature-packed DVR to date.” Here are some of the things reviewers have been saying about DISH’s latest contribution to entertainment technology. For additional Hopper 3 and DISH reviews, head over to your favorite review site.

‘A whopping 16 tuners’

CNET, which has been following DISH Consumer Electronics exhibits for years, was immediately impressed by what executive editor David Carnoy characterized as “a whopping 16 tuners” and the new Hopper’s ability to let viewers watch up to four HD channels at once in 4K. Calling the Hopper 3 “turbo-charged” and “feature-packed,” Carnoy noted the convenience of being able to record multiple shows at once without having to worry about scheduling conflicts. He also noted the new Hopper’s Netflix search integration, and he seemed particularly excited about its MultiView Mode feature, which lets viewers see four high-definition broadcasts at once on the same screen.

CNET’s executive editor was also impressed by the new Hopper’s speed, which is seven times faster than its predecessor. After surveying some of the Hopper 3’s other features, such as 4K content from Netflix, Carnoy elaborated on some of the new Hopper’s innovative hardware features. These include the HopperGO mobile video flash drive, which lets users watch up to 100 hours of recorded content on the go, and the ability to create a private Wi-Fi cloud broadcasting video to five devices at once.

‘DISH already wins CES 2016’

In the wake of the Hopper 3’s press conference premiere, CE Pro writer Julie Jacobson was ready to declare DISH the winner of the Consumer Electronics Show before the event even started, announcing, “CES 2016 has not even begun, and Dish Network has already won the show.” The Hopper 3 “leapfrogs the competition,” Jacobson wrote, highlighting the DVR’s 16-tuner capability, quad view MultiView Mode, Netflix search integration and the HopperGO’s mobile video capability.

Jacobson especially loved the HopperGO, saying there’s “Nothing like it in the market, nothing better on the planet.” As soon as this feature was announced, Jacobson said, she was on the phone ready to switch providers to DISH. She wasn’t the only one excited, either, reporting that “During the conference call, I’m pretty sure I heard otherwise unexcitable press people gasping with each new feature.”

‘Best Home Theater Gear’

PCMag shared its peers’ love for the Hopper 3, awarding it the Best Home Theater Gear award in its review of the best highlights of the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show. PCMag consumer electronics senior analyst Will Greenwald said, “Dish Network is stepping up its game,” calling the new Hopper’s 16-tuner power “unheard of” and adding, “You’ll never, ever have to decide what’s worth recording.” Greenwald also showcased the Hopper 3’s 4K support and MultiView Mode. In a more detailed review of the new DVR’s 4K capability, Greenwald elaborated, “Perhaps the most compelling aspect of the Hopper 3’s 4K support is how it can handle lower resolution channels.”

‘Hopper on steroids’

Denver Business Journal reporter Greg Avery provided some of the most colorful commentary on the Hopper 3, calling it a “Hopper on steroids” and “Dish Network Corp.’s most eye-popping product.” Avery noted the new DVR’s appeal to entertainment enthusiasts, saying that DISH “has souped up the Hopper for subscribers who really love watching TV, and lots of it.” Avery emphasized the Hopper 3’s ability to support multiple devices as well as its 16-channel recording capability, which he said “elicited chuckles of amazement from the CES audience.”

He also underscored the new capability of searching Netflix and other content using categories such as title, genre and actor, a feature he quoted DISH’s executive vice president Vivek Khemka as saying “should appeal to binge-watchers.” Avery concluded his roundup by praising the Hopper 3’s MultiView Mode and the HopperGO’s mobile storage capability.

‘The most ludicrously powerful cable box ever’

WIRED senior staff writer David Pierce epitomized the high praise shared by other reviewers by calling the Hopper 3 “the most ludicrously powerful cable box ever.” Searching for the right word to describe his reaction, Pierce settled on “bonkers,” writing, “Past Hoppers were cool, but the Hopper 3 is on another level entirely.”

He emphasized the significance of the Hopper 3’s 16-channel capability by observing that competitors can handle only six. After describing MultiView Mode, Pierce praised the Hopper 3’s speed, saying that its seven-fold advance on the Hopper 2 makes it “by far the most powerful set-top box on the market.” Continuing on to describe the Hopper 3’s 2 TB internal storage capability, external storage expansion ability and ability to deliver content to multiple TVs at once, Pierce exclaimed, “This thing is ridiculous.” After highlighting the HopperGO’s mobile capability and the DVR’s Netflix and YouTube integration, Pierce wrapped up by dubbing the Hopper 3 “the Megatron of set-top boxes” and declaring that within the cable TV market, “this is the highest-tech thing you’re going to find.”