DISH For The Holidays

Deals to keep the peace

What do people mean when they say happy holidays? Basically, they’re saying they hope that the festive atmosphere late in the year lifts your spirit, and that you maintain your inner tranquility.

But what about outer tranquility? What about fighting crowds and cold and wrapping presents until you can’t see straight? What about packing up and traveling with your family? It’s possible when people wish you happy holidays, they’re really saying “good luck!”

For the 2017 holiday season, we want to do more than just wish you good luck. We want to help make the holidays happy. When you subscribe to DISH today through 11/29/17, we’ll include three FREE pieces of tech that will help keep the peace: a FREE Amazon Echo Dot, a FREE HopperGO Pocket DVR, and a FREE new DISH voice remote. All you have to do is mention the offer code: HolidaySpecial when you order DISH. Place your order today, and you could be watching satellite TV as soon as tomorrow.

Shop for presents with Alexa

Imagine doing your holiday shopping with just one other person. There are no crowds, no parking struggles, no packages to lug around. Also, you are in the comfort of your own home. This is what shopping is like when you use Amazon Alexa. Just make a list and check it twice. Will you be getting a toy robot? Say, Alexa, add a toy robot to my shopping list. Later, when you want to check your list twice, you can say, Alexa, what’s on my shopping list? See how many days you have to order by saying, Alexa, ask Holiday Countdown how long until Christmas.   

Alexa is the most fun and helpful shopping partner you can have. Connect your Amazon Echo Dot to your smart thermostat, and turn the heat up to make your shopping experience extra cozy. Have Alexa turn your Christmas lights on when you connect a smart switch. Have her sing Christmas songs. Tell Alexa “happy holidays” or “merry Christmas” and see what she says back. It’s a hoot! Shopping with Alexa is the only way to do holiday shopping that can actually alleviate stress.

When you’re done shopping, you can tell Alexa to resume playing your show or movie or holiday music, because most importantly, the Amazon Echo Dot can control your Hopper DVR.

Keep calm and HopperGO

The HopperGO pocket DVR is small—just 2.5 inches wide. But it has 64 gigabytes of storage and can hold 100 hours of recorded programming. It supports streaming on up to five devices, so five people can watch exactly what they want to watch.

That, friends, is a lot of peace. Take advantage of it when you like! If you’re in the car, you could have Sesame Street, PAW Patrol, and Andi Mack going at the same time and still have bandwidth to stream programs on two more devices. When you’re with the extended family, you can keep five kids occupied before dessert comes out.

Best of all, the HopperGO streams over its own wifi signal, so you can watch on your devices without using any data. Any family who has fought over data usage will know how much trouble this will save.

The new DISH voice remote couldn’t get easier

We’re really happy with the new voice remote, and we think you will be, too. If you have guests for the holidays, they will have no trouble navigating through unfamiliar menus to shows they want to watch. You won’t have to guide the relatives to the big football games or reality shows, as the case may be. Just hand them the remote, tell them say what they want, and let them have fun.

The rest of the time, while control of the remote is all yours, you can customize the two diamond buttons to do exactly what you want. This is especially helpful if two people typically use the remote. If one person always goes to Netflix, you can dedicate one button to that. If the other prefers On Demand, the second diamond button can be set to go directly there. The peace is kept and happiness flourishes.  

A DISH package alone will make your holiday season vastly happier. Order DISH today, and we’ll make it more peaceful.