DISH and Amazon Alexa

Alexa DISH Date Night

How to do date night with the Echo Dot

If you haven’t heard, DISH and Amazon Alexa let you control your Hopper DVR without ever touching your remote. You can now tell your DISH Hopper what to do with your voice, using Amazon Alexa. People have tried it. And of those people, 75 percent told a friend. It’s that incredible. We want you to try it yourself.

Hands-Free TV™ could very well change the way you do entertainment.

Really, Hands-Free TV™ could very well change the way you do entertainment. It helps you use your TV, sure. Change the channel, search your favorite show, and more—using only your voice. But the Amazon Echo Dot is such an amazing device that it can help create a whole TV date night. You’ll have to enable the relevant skills. And that’s easy. A couple taps, and voilà, you can put a whole enchanted evening together.

The best TV date nights start with dinner. So tell Alexa, the AI assistant you can talk to through the Amazon Echo Dot, what ingredients you want to use and how much time you have. Alexa can choose the best recipe and read it to you step-by-step as you prepare it.

If you just want to order pizza, you can do that too.

When dinner is ready, create the perfect atmosphere. The Amazon Echo Dot works as a speaker, so you can tell Alexa to play music while you eat. Put on your favorite country music playlist, say. You can also ask Alexa what kind of wine pairs well with your food. Go ahead and pop a bottle open.

Are we amazed yet?

Now to TV. Use DISH and Amazon Alexa to start searching for TV and movies faster than ever. Say, “Alexa, search for romantic comedies.” Or, if your date likes to be super informed, say, “Alexa, search for documentaries.” If you want to put on Modern Family: “Alexa, watch Modern Family.” Or put the game on: “Alexa, tune to ESPN.” Need to refill your glass? Say, “Alexa, pause.” Yes, you can pause on-demand programming as well as live TV with DISH. Then, when you’re back: “Alexa, resume.”

When you find mutually agreeable entertainment, turn down the lights. If you have smart lights, you can tell Alexa to do it. Then turn them back up later. You can even ask Alexa for conversation topics.

Alexa can’t live your life or manage your relationships. But when it comes to all things TV, DISH and Amazon Alexa have you covered. Sign up now.