Best-Reviewed TVs by Price

With 2016 upon us, millions of people around the world are considering new resolutions. But for those hoping to buy a TV set in the coming months, “resolution” takes on an entirely different meaning. Should you upgrade from 720p to 1080p, or make the jump to 4K Ultra HD instead? And what about the latest Smart functions and improved contrast ratios? Along with this TV buying guide, here are five of the best-reviewed televisions on the market, ranked from most affordable to most luxurious, that will serve you well in the new year and beyond!



Though you might not want to build an entire home theater system around it, VIZIO’s E32h-C1 is a great choice if you’re looking for a value-priced TV for a bedroom or office. Weighing a mere 11.3 pounds, this model features a solid 32” backlit LED screen, 720p resolution and comes with built-in Wi-Fi, allowing users to instantly browse Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, Spotify and other streaming services. Like many VIZIO products, however, the main attraction here is the unbeatable price. Available in the $200 to $300 price range, it’s hard to imagine an HD Smart TV that provides more bang for less buck.



Stepping things up a bit, this 43” Smart TV from VIZIO comes loaded with features that consumers want, at a price that few other brands can match. Generously offering five HDMI inputs, as well as an extremely low lag time, this is an ideal set for gamers looking to frag some aliens on their Xbox. Built-in Wi-Fi, excellent contrast and full-array LED backlighting round out a well-stocked package. But the biggest surprise is that it comes with 4K Ultra HD resolution, rather than the 1080p you might expect for the cost. Ranging from $400 to $600, this addition to VIZIO’s new M-class series is a winner any way you look at it.

Sony XBR 55X810C


With its slim profile, stylish design and elegant interface, this gorgeous 55” flat-screen from Sony will complement any home media room. Priced between $1,000 and $1,400, its 4K Ultra HD picture delivers superior quality for a mid-range model. If movies are your obsession, the X810C sports outstanding color reproduction and one of the best contrast ratios of any recent LED set, making it a perfect device to show off your Blu-ray collection. And since it utilizes Sony’s new Android TV operating system, streaming content from the comfort of your couch has never been simpler.

Samsung UNJU7100


Sporting a massive 65” screen with direct LED backlighting, active 3D technology and 4K Ultra HD resolution, Samsung’s JU7100 is a great option for consumers looking to spend more to get more. If you’ve never seen the brand’s Precision Black feature in action, prepare to be blown away by the deep blacks and exceptional contrast on display. Anyone frustrated by the confusing layout of most Smart TV operating systems will breathe a sigh of relief at Samsung’s Tizen OS. The clean, intuitive design offers easy access to apps like Hulu Plus, Vudu and HBO Go, of which Samsung is the exclusive provider. Along with the Peak Illuminator function, which brightens specific regions of the picture depending on the scene, the JU7100 is one of the most visually impressive sets on the market for under $2,000.

LG 55EG9600


If money is no object, and picture quality is essential, then LG’s astonishing 55EG9600 is exactly what you need. Though its 55” screen isn’t the largest you’ll encounter, the set’s beautifully curved shape and 4K Ultra HD resolution provide a far more immersive viewing experience than any flat screen can offer. More importantly, the dazzling OLED technology makes a standard LED screen look like a vintage cathode ray tube. Whether you’re watching in a pitch dark room or the bright afternoon sun, the EG9600’s perfect blacks, blinding whites and unsurpassed color range will treat your eyes to an image you won’t soon forget. Priced in the rarefied neighborhood of $3,000 to $4,000, this is easily one of the finest televisions currently available.