6 Pocket-Sized Travel Gadgets for Your Next Trip

The ever-evolving world of travel gear and gadgets has changed the way we take trips. Though exciting and fun, not all tech accessories are worth the additional space, weight and cost. For convenience, entertainment and the ultimate in travel security, here are our favorite pocket-sized travel gadgets:

1. Security: Keep Your Personal Info Safe

The FIDO U2F Security Key.

Password theft and account hacking can put a damper on any vacation. Keep your Google apps and accounts safe with easy two-step verification at the touch of a button. Weighing a mere 3 grams, the small and durable U2F Security Key fits in your USB port for ease of use. Simply enter your password, then verify your account by tapping the button on your security key. Now no one stands a chance at hacking your personal information.

Price: Starting at $18

2. Battery Juice: Charge Your Devices

The Anker Astro Ultra Compact Portable Charger.

There’s nothing worse than having all of your most important travel information and documents on your smartphone, only for it to run out of battery life as soon as you need it most. Keep your travel gadgets fully charged and ready-to-go with a compact portable battery charger. Anker’s “Power IQ Technology” charges your devices up to four times faster than a standard USB, so you don’t have to waste valuable travel time waiting for a full green bar.

Price: Starting at $15.99

3. Entertainment: Take It With You


You don’t have to travel first-class to enjoy five-star entertainment. Now you can take up to 100 hours of recorded content with you to watch anywhere, anytime with DISH’s new HopperGO. Boasting its own Wi-Fi hotspot and private cloud, this device enables you to watch your favorite shows and videos without having to worry about an external Internet connection. What’s more, the HopperGO supports up to five devices, meaning the whole family can get in on the entertainment — without fighting over what to watch. With 64 GB of storage and four hours of battery life, say goodbye to long, boring layovers.

Price: $99

4. Work & Play: Pocket-Size Projector

Brookstone Pocket-Size Projector.

Now that you can stream all of your favorite entertainment directly onto your smartphone or tablet, why not amp up the experience with a pocket-size projector? The Brookstone Pocket-Size Projector provides brilliant, big-screen quality wherever you are — all from a teeny-tiny device. It’s a great choice for an on-the-go family movie night or for a last-minute business presentation.

Price: $150

5. For the Audiophile: Headphones

Sennheiser PXC 250-II Headphones.

Crying babies, obnoxious passengers, loud traffic…With travel comes noise pollution, an annoyance that can take away from your overall travel experience. Get rid of the noise you don’t want to hear and fully enjoy the sounds you do with the Sennheiser PSX 250-II. These headphones block up to 80 percent of airplane and cabin noises for up to 50 hours. Extra portable and optimized for in-flight entertainment systems, these are a must for any frequent traveler.

Price: Starting at $200

6. Wearables: GPS Fitness Watch

TomTom Spark GPS Fitness Watch.

For the active traveler who wants to explore a new destination without carrying around a bulky smartphone, the TomTom Spark GPS Fitness Watch is a must-pack. GPS tracking, 500 songs of music storage and a built-in heart monitor are just a few of its top features. Whether you use it to keep track of how far you’ve walked in a new city or to help you stay on top of your fitness regimen on the road, this handy watch has all the essentials without the distractions.

Price: $250