5 Ways You Can Improve Your Home Theater Environment Without Going Bankrupt

Switching from DirectTV to DISH will save you $250 guaranteed. Need some ideas on how to spend your extra cash? Read on…

The TV room is your temple. It is a place of peaceful relaxation where you can plop down on your couch, hit “power” on your remote, and get lost in your favorite show, sports team, or movie. Because home is often where the TV is, you want everything around it to be the best it can be. The more you put into it, the more you get out of it, which means investing in your home theater system—sound, video, and more. But you won’t have to take out another mortgage just to get a sweet setup. Here are some great under-$250 options to take your home viewing experience to the next level.

Ray Super Remote ($199)

Somehow we live in a world where we can use our phones to order cabs, go on dates and monitor our sleep, and yet no TV room can escape needing multiple remotes. Put an end to your cluttered mess of devices and get the Ray Super Remote. It’s a gorgeously designed universal remote that looks like a smartphone and can control your television, sound system, gaming consoles and DISH setup with one easy-to-use touch screen.

LG BP540 3D Blu-Ray Disc Player with Smart TV and Built-In Wi-Fi ($130)

If you haven’t upgraded from DVD to Blu-Ray yet, make that change with the LG BP540. It’s not only an incredible value for how much you get (especially the Wi-Fi), but it will demonstrate that no great home theater experience is complete without the superior sound and video quality of Blu-Ray.

Vizio Sound Bar S4221W ($160)

TV speakers are typically terrible. They’ll never give you great sound. That’s why the first upgrade to your home theater should be in the sound department. Sound systems can get expensive, which is why Sound Bars have become a popular option. They’re sleek and small, and they don’t take up a lot of space in your room or your budget. The Vizio S4221W comes highly recommended if you want to really hear the dinosaurs roar when watching Jurassic Park, but don’t want your savings to go extinct in the process.

Philips’ Hue Personal Wireless Lighting Starter Kit ($200)

Light can have a profound effect on your mood – even when you’re watching TV. That’s why we recommend picking up some of Philips’ wireless light bulbs. Not only can they change colors to suit what you’re doing (for example, relaxing or reading), but you can actually control them from your phone. Yes, seriously. There’s nothing quite like watching a rom-com with a loved one with romantic lighting to boot.

Deconovo Insulated Blackout Curtains ($70)

Who hasn’t dealt with annoying glare or a noisy neighbor while trying to watch something in peace and quiet? Deconovo’s special curtains—available in a variety of colors—are designed to reduce almost all noise and light coming from the outside. That way your TV room can stay a peaceful sanctuary, and you’ll be comfortably cocooned in the sights and sounds of your beloved home theater set-up.