Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard Cast Reveal, Preview and More

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“If you don’t know … black excellence is Martha’s Vineyard, and Martha’s Vineyard is black excellence,” asserts Jasmine Ellis Cooper in the trailer for Bravo’s newest hit, Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard.

Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard follows a group of 12 friends as they enjoy their island getaway. With beach parties, decadent dinners, and summer hookups, both fun and drama are in store for these young Black professionals and entrepreneurs. 


Who is the cast of Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard? 

A first-generation Liberian American, Silas Cooper currently resides in New York with a hunger for success. Silas works in finance and when he’s not crunching numbers, he’s an officer in the Army Reserve. Always down for a good time, he has been a regular on the Vineyard for the past seven years. Silas is ready to thrive with his wife, Jasmine Ellis Cooper, as the new power couple while they go in on a shared house with their successful friends.

Summer House: Martha's Vineyard cast photo

Among the friends joining in the shared house this summer, are Jasmine’s Playboy Club bunny besties Bria Fleming, Jordan Emanuel, and Shanice Henderson. Bria, a fashion entrepreneur, recently moved from New York City to Germany, where her boyfriend Simon resides. She was in Europe last summer, so she vowed to have the time of her life on Martha’s Vineyard this summer with her furry friend, Milo. 

When Jordan isn’t running a non-profit, hosting a podcast, designing a swim line, or DJing, she is the life of the party and typically involves herself in all the drama. Shanice, another quintessential party girl, is healing from her last relationship and working through attachment issues. But, she is determined to meet her future husband this summer at the vineyard- as long as he is “tall and athletic.”

Summer Marie Thomas rounds out the women that will be joining the shared house, and presents as a force to be reckoned with. She comes from a Jamaican family but was raised in Pasadena, Calif. Summer’s love of writing brought her to Sundance in 2019 where she met Jasmine, and the two have been friends ever since. 

As for the guys, Harlemite Nicholas “Nick” Arrington is a sports brand manager with a flair for style and a passion for running. He insists that his future wife must be in shape and have a skincare routine that matches his own. Invited to the shared house by Nick and also looking for his mom-approved other half is Amir Lanchaster, a Texas native and up-and-coming real estate tycoon. As a biracial man with Black and Lebanese roots, Amir is looking forward to spending his first summer on Martha’s Vineyard surrounded by Black culture. 

Nick’s fraternity brother, Alex Tyree, will be bringing the zen (hopefully) to the shared house this summer, as he credits his success to his daily disciplines of journaling and meditation. As a preacher’s kid, Alex grew up in a religiously sheltered environment. He’s now craving a deep connection with a romantic partner. 

When he’s not serving celebrity clients as a senior flight attendant for one of the top airlines, Jason Lyke is preoccupied as an entrepreneur with projects such as skin care and beard oils. Jason is very close to Jasmine as they were roommates when she met Silas. While he tends to be the counselor for his friend group, he often finds himself at the center of the drama. 

An attorney by day and a social butterfly by night, Preston Mitchum truly makes time for it all. Preston has been to the Vineyard and considers it one of the most amazing and beautiful places that he has ever seen. Although he will miss Donald, his partner of two years, he’s excited to spend the summer on the Vineyard with Jasmine and his beloved fraternity brother Silas.


What can we expect this season on Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard

After chatting with the hosts of the shared house, Silas Cooper and Jasmine Ellis Cooper, we couldn’t be more excited to witness what the inaugural season of Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard has in store. 

“You’re going to expect a group of friends that are crazy,” Jasmine told DISH. “I think you’re really going to feel like you’re right there in the house with us on vacation. You also will be stressed, you’ll be laughing, and you’ll be intrigued by the conversations that we have.”

This summer at the vineyard will be Jasmine and Silas’ first summer as a married couple, which wasn’t without its complications. 

We hear a friend state that, “Married Jasmine is very different from single Jasmine,” in the trailer, which is followed by a scene of an altercation between Silas and Jasmine seemingly brought on by Silas’ jealousy at the idea of Jasmine out late with other men. 

“You really do see me struggle with that and try to grow and love on everyone. But the reality is, like most people, you can’t please everybody,” Jasmine explained to DISH. 

“No one leaves unscathed,” Silas added about the drama this season. “And what I mean by that is, what you’re going to find, as dynamic and fun as everybody is, we all got some s**t to work on.”

Bria Fleming also gave us a sneak peek at the drama we will see this season, including her reaction to her best friend Shanice acting inappropriately with Bria’s boyfriend Simon in the hot tub. 

“I wasn’t expecting Shanice to be butt naked with Simon in a hot tub,” Bria said. “I was … shocked. Like, what the hell?! So I would say when that airs, people are in for a treat.”

“The drama makes it more fun. Right?” Silas joked as Jasmine shot him a disapproving look. “I’m just saying! You know, not all drama is bad. I had more whiskey gingers than plans. And that’s great, that’s awesome.”

Whiskey and chaos is certainly on the menu this summer, which Silas and Jasmine summed up in one enthusiastic word …

“We’ll say it on three,” said Jasmine. At once Silas and Jasmine exclaimed: “One, two, three. LIT!”


How do I watch Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard

Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard airs Sundays at 9/8c on Bravo, Ch. 129. 

Watch Episode 1: “Not Your Mama’s Vineyard,” On Demand now with DISH.