Wait, That's a Sport?

157142401.jpgBetween March Madness, baseball season beginning, and both the NBA and NHL playoffs, spring is a great time to enjoy sports on television.

If it’s still cold and rainy outside, you don’t need much of an excuse to camp out on the couch for some of the best action in sports. But when you fall into one of those weird gaps where nothing’s on, what are you to do? Don’t worry — stay calm and check out these bizarre sports:

What’s better than watching two people duke it out in the ring? A battle of physical and intellectual brawn in which fighters play a game of chess between rounds. This hybrid sport is based on a concept developed in a French comic book. It is particularly big in Germany and Great Britain.

Cheese rolling
Held each year near Gloucester, England, the Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake is a pretty simple concept: Roll a wheel of cheese down a big hill and send competitors chasing after it. Most years, the cheese roll is rife with injuries, and the wheel itself can reach speeds of well over 60 mph. The first person across the finish line claims all the glory — and the cheese.

Muggle Quidditch
An earthbound version of Quidditch, which was popularized in the Harry Potter books, was developed as an intramural sport on college campuses in the United States. However, it didn’t take long for the sport to take over, and now Muggle Quidditch is popular around the globe.

Trick billiards
Many of us have experienced that spectacular downtime on ESPN when they decide to play countless hours of reruns from billiard trick-shot competitions. Not only do you get to see some awesome shots that seemingly defy physics, but there’s also a lovely array of shiny magician vests.

Trampoline dodge ball
No explanation needed.