The Best Ways to Watch the NHL Online


The NHL added some extra flair to overtime this season: 3-on-3 hockey. For the first time, NHL overtime begins with three-man lines on each side of the ice, and it’s a strategy that leads to fast goals and fewer shootouts. The NHL implemented the new rule to bring in a new audience to hockey and re-ignite the “casual” fan.

This season is already off to a great start. The Habs are playing like it could finally be their year, the Blackhawks are back and intend to repeat and stars like Vladimir Tarasenko of the St. Louis Blues are having career seasons. Now is the best time to be watching hockey — but it’s not always easy to watch your favorite games on TV, especially when you don’t live in your team’s market.

But worry not, puck heads. If you have an Internet connection (and you’re reading this, so you do), then there are lots of places to watch your favorite matchups online.

NBC Sports

The NHL has made a huge presence with NBC Sports, and it’s one of the best networks for live hockey. While NBC Sports online isn’t as streamlined as CBS, there’s still tons of content to satisfy the truest fans. And, like CBS, you have access to live games if you have NBC Sports through a cable or satellite subscription.

DISH Anywhere

NHL Center Ice on DISH Network is the best way to have access to every game in the league, and now you can have access to those same games away from your TV. DISH Anywhere gives you access to all your channels, including the NHL package, right from your web browser, smartphone or tablet. DISH Anywhere can access live TV, your DVR, On Demand and sports, all in one service. All you need is a DISH subscription.

CBS Online

CBS is a big partner with the NHL and a great source for lots of great hockey. CBS Online works similarly to DISH Anywhere and only requires a cable or satellite subscription to log in for free live TV from any browser, smartphone or tablet. However, if you don’t have a television subscription, you can still subscribe to CBS Online by itself for $6 per month, just like you would Netflix or Hulu.

NHL Video Center

Maybe you can live without watching the games, but there’s no skimping on the highlights. NHL Video Center is home base to the best highlights, replays and instant action of the best plays, goals and hits of the week. There’s no payments or subscriptions necessary and the site keeps a great archive of some of the best videos in the NHL.

Sling TV

Maybe you’ve heard of the Slingbox, a device that lets you stream your TV network to a personal browser or device from anywhere in the world, but now there is Sling TV — a subscription service that lets you stream certain live TV channels online. ESPN, ESPN 2, AMC, TNT and other popular networks are part of a subscription for $20 per month. There isn’t a ton of hockey happening on ESPN, but they do air big matchups from time to time.

It doesn’t matter if it’s preseason or the Stanley Cup Finals. One way or another, there is a way to see every face-off, every goal and every hit, right from your computer.