The Best Ways to Watch March Madness – Online & TV

We’re approaching the last month of the college basketball regular season, and the conference tournaments are right around the corner. You know what that means: March Madness. The Final Four will go down in Houston, Texas, this year, but the first four rounds will be played all over the country in the span of just a few days.

The Final Four, like other major sports championships, will be broadcast on national television for all to see, but it’s the earlier rounds where all the real action is. Rounds one and two are four days of pure basketball mania (and this is where the tournament truly earns its madness). However, watching all the games is a bit trickier, especially when you’re stuck in the office.

Whether you’re watching at home or at work, on TV or online, these are the best ways to catch every moment of March Madness this year.

Digital Antenna

CBS is the official home of the NCAA tournament, and a free network channel if you own an HD digital antenna. Remember that old antenna your grandma had that received maybe three fuzzy channels? Technology has come a long way, and a digital antenna can capture network channels in high-definition.

The pro is that the programming is free after the cost of the antenna. The cons are that you can only watch one game at a time and you may still get bad reception, depending on where you live.

March Madness Live

You can download the March Madness Live app to your iPhone or Android (in case you don’t want to let the boss see you watching) or watch live at Either way, we hope you are able to sneak in at least some of the action during office hours.

Bar & Restaurant Specials

If you do have the day off and want to get out of the house, bars are always running game specials with cheap drinks, good food, and of course, all the games on multiple TVs. Call ahead to make sure they have the March Madness package and find a seat in front of your favorite game.