Live Large At a Minor League Game For a Bargain Price

Player waiting with hes feet touching the base plate infield during a baseball match. The baseball player wears black shoes touching the white baseplate laying in brown dirt.

Switching from DirecTV to DISH will save you $250 guaranteed. Need some ideas on how to spend your extra cash? Read on…

Attending a Major League game can get expensive. The average cost for a group of four is now $212—and that only gets you upper deck seats, soft drinks, hot dogs and two beers.

Find a better value by heading to a minor league game where you can spend like a VIP. Take the Lehigh Valley IronPigs. The Allentown, Pennsylvania franchise plays at Coca-Cola Park, which seats 10,000 people and has the feel of a pro venue. Since the team’s inception in 2008, the IronPigs have drawn 600,000 fans annually thanks to a lively fan experience. Whether you grab three friends or take your family of four, here’s one way to spend that extra cash.

Start by purchasing a seat directly behind home plate ($10/ticket) for an unobstructed field view. Then show your home team allegiance by purchasing the appropriate attire: a fitted IronPigs cap bedazzled with the team’s alter ego bacon logo ($28), a scratch-n-sniff bacon-scented IronPigs T-shirt ($22) and a pig snout ($3).

When your appetite roars, peruse the IronPigs concessions for the stadium specialty: the Hot Dawg, a two-foot-long frank covered in chili, bacon, beer cheese and fried onion straws. As an added benefit it’s cut into four pieces, so you can pick up the dinner tab for your entire crew for only $25. But only subsisting on the Hot Dawg would be a disservice to your stomach. Continue the stadium dining crawl with Bacon on a Stick—a quarter pound of smoked pork belly bathed in maple syrup ($4.50)—and an ear of the Aw Shucks roasted corn ($4). Aw Shucks corn dusted with southern spices and Parmesan cheese is a favorite for many IronPig fans, including Sports Illustrated’s Peter King. King wrote, “I’ll just say if I had my choice between a Kansas City Porterhouse or an Aw Shucks ear, I’d take the corn.”

Of course you’ll need a beverage to wash down the feast, so pick up a few Piggy Bock beers for $6 each. Don’t worry about ponying up for a Pork Illustrated game program—they’re free.

The evening highlight might be the fact that you don’t have to walk miles to your car or spend a small fortune parking it during the game. You can pull your vehicle into a space only steps from the stadium. Like a pop-up fly, the close proximity provides an easy out.

Tally up all of your expenses ($113.50) and you’ll still have enough money to return to the park and cheer on the IronPigs at the next game!