Learn How to Two-Step: Your Guide to Surviving College Station

If College Station, Texas, is calling your name this football season, you’re in luck — some of the most spirited football-ing in the world goes down with the Aggies. In Texas there are all sorts of activities you may be unfamiliar with if you’ve never ventured there before. Case in point: two-stepping. It’s a kind of country dance people do while they’re out partying on the weekends. If you’re hitting up Northgate the Friday before the game, you’re probably going to have to partake.

You know what I say? You can use your obvious lack of two-stepping knowledge to your advantage. Here’s your plan:

1. Find the nearest attractive individual

So you’re at Duke’s (or whatever dance hall you’ve decided to inhabit on Northgate). People are country dancing in cowboy boots with their Shiner Bocks and you have no idea what to do. Here’s your game plan: Tap the nearest attractive person you can find on the shoulder, and say in your most endearing voice, “Hi! I’m from out of town, and I have no idea how to dance like this.” Smiling is helpful.

2. Dance with the attractive individual

If you executed your charm correctly, this person will likely have said, “Want me to show you?”

Congratulations! Your only goal during this phase of the plan is not to trip and fall. The faster you learn, the more fun two-stepping will be.

3. Get the attractive individual’s phone number

If the two of you hit it off, get the person’s number. You will benefit from this in two ways: You will be able to see this person again before you leave town, and you’ll also likely have a tailgate to crash! You’re welcome.

Now find a pair of cowboy boots, a six-pack of beer and a lot of maroon. It’s time to tailgate in Aggieland.