How to watch the NFL Draft on DISH

With the NFL draft quickly approaching, this year the NFL is making sure everyone has plenty of ways to watch, with an unheralded amount of draft coverage. Five channels will be dedicated to the NFL draft this year, providing in-depth content and commentary through the 3 day event. Look no further than DISH to provide plenty of ways to watch so you don’t miss any of the drama. Choose from watching on your television or view the NFL draft live stream  from a mobile device with DISH Anywhere. Watch all the action draft day has to offer from the first overall pick and surprise trades, to the heralded “Mr. Irrelevant” – the celebrated last pick of the 2018 draft . We will provide you with the NFL draft start time for each day of the draft and answer the popular questions like “when is the NFL draft?” and “what channel is the NFL draft on?” We’ve got you covered and provide answers below:

Round 1

Thursday, April 26 — 8:00 PM ET

Live TV: NFL Network, FOX, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN Deportes

Stream using your DISH credentials: NFL, FOX Sports, ESPN3 and DISH Anywhere

Rounds 2-3

Friday, April 27 — 7:00 PM ET

Live TV: NFL Network, FOX, ESPN/ESPN2

Stream using your DISH credentials: NFL, FOX Sports and ESPN digital properties

Rounds 4-7

Saturday, April 28 — Noon ET

Live TV: NFL Network, ABC, ESPN

Stream using your DISH credentials: NFL and ESPN digital properties


DISH channels:

FOX & ABC: Local channels

ESPN: 140

ESPN 2: 143  (tune in for “college themed production”)



Now that you know NFL draft start times, what channel the draft is on, and when the NFL draft is, tune in and watch dreams come true as teams look to find the future as they select the prospects they believe will elevate their team and organization to the top of the league. Get ready for a historic night and tune in with DISH for the 2018 NFL Draft.