How to watch the NFL from Sunday to Saturday

Watch the NFL all week

There’s no such thing as an off-season for NFL players and “real” fans, right? Well, there are no days off while the season is in full swing, either. Players must wrap their bruised and battered bodies and hit the gym or field, and true fans stay plugged in to their favorite teams, players and fantasy leagues through a plethora of media outlets. Here’s a guide for those fans who just can’t take a day off from their favorite sport:


Sunday is the biggest day for traditional fans and those seeking a bucket full of fantasy points. With DVR technology, watch one game while you record another, and then with DISH’s Sling service, upload games to your smartphone or tablet. If you’re out of the house, use the free DISH Anywhere app to connect your satellite service with your mobile device, so you can watch any game anywhere. Once you’ve downloaded the app, simply type in your DISH account information and you’ll never miss a play.


Monday Night Football is a primetime event that gets national attention, and if you’re hungry for more fantasy points, this may be your last chance of the week. With Sling TV, subscribers get WatchESPN, which includes live streams of all Monday Night Football games. Sling TV is the first legal streaming service of live cable channels, but with this service, each channel has its own set of rules that enable or restrict your pause/rewind ability, how many days past shows are available, as well as what channels are On Demand. Additional sports channels and HBO are also available at an additional fee, and users can cancel anytime.


Inside The NFL on Showtime plays host to leading analysts like Adam Schein, Phil Simms, Boomer Esiason and Brandon Marshall. Get insights, spot-on commentary and on the field features you can’t get anywhere else. Including player profiles and interviews and live footage from every game, this Emmy-Award-winning show provides you with the info you need for your fantasy leagues. With DISH Anywhere watch Inside The NFL anytime, anywhere.


You’ve watched the games, you’ve heard the pundits, now put your knowledge into action. Check injury reports, predicted starting lineups, defense/offense matchups and potential player battles. Pick up any free agents who may be good additions for your team, submit for waivers and/or trades. Check for sleepers who may not be full-season pickups but may be a solid start for a week or two when they go up against some weak defenses or an offense that has floundered in recent weeks.


Thursday Night Football is your midweek fix for NFL action. Catch it every week on NFL Network, and for half of the searon on CBS. If you’re a Verizon Wireless customer, your phone has an app called NFL Mobile which gives you access to all Thursday Night Football games, all season long.


Friday may seem like a dead day in the world of the NFL, but with NFL Game Pass you can rewatch the best games of the previous week and analyze key matchups for your fantasy football leagues.


Saturday is all about the hype. Read up on all marquee previews. Check in with the injury reports one last time, as someone could have been injured midweek at practice. From NFL podcasts to official video previews on, Saturday is a day for you to prepare, plan with friends and make sure you have the perfect place to watch your favorite teams.