How to grill an alligator: An LSU field guide


he Louisiana State University life is the life for you, huh? If you’re headed to Baton Rouge for a tailgate, you shouldn’t show up empty-handed. Every good guest brings a dish, but why bring a bag of chips or a lousy bean dip when you could show up with AN ENTIRE GRILLED ALLIGATOR.

Though Tiger fans have predominantly grilled up these giant, sneaky reptiles when LSU plays the Florida Gators, alligator remains a Cajun classic. There are a couple ways to cook one of these bad boys: You can roast it on a spit, create a giant rotisserie contraption, or use a ginormous grill. We recommend the latter, because Tiger fans love giant cooking appliances. To grill up your own gator, follow these easy steps:

Find an alligator

You can find frozen alligator chunks in many grocery stores, but where’s the fun in that? If you don’t feel like trekking through the nearest swamp, wrestling an alligator to the bitter end and hauling him back to your home, you could just order one online. You know, to save time.

Skin the gator

Because scales don’t taste good.

Remove excess fat

Similar to when you cook bison, elk or ostrich, fat can taste gamy. Before you start rubbing Mr. Gator down with spices, you need to get him looking slim and trim.

Stuff the inside of the gator

You can add a lot of flavor to this meat by filling it with fatty, delectable things. Like bacon. Because everyone loves bacon.

Rub it down

All good meat needs a rubdown of spices, and gator is no different. People say the meat tastes like chicken, so any of your favorite seasonings will do.

Grill it

It’s time to grill that gator! This is a great time to make friends. No esteemed, grill-wielding fan will deny a stranger who comes bearing an entire alligator!

Better yet, make this bacon-wrapped alligator with a chicken in its mouth. It might lose a touch of symbolism, as the chicken isn’t anyone’s mascot, but hey — you’re bound to look really intense. That’s what grilling is all about.