Going Back to Campus for the Big Game? Here’s What to Bring With You

Large crowd of people attend a sports event. Stadium. Basketball.


What’s better than visiting your alma mater? Heading back to campus when your team is playing in March. Beer, basketball and college buddies all make for a killer combo — and you need just the right packing list. Here’s everything you should throw into your bag before you hit the road:

Face paint

You may be sitting at a sports bar instead of kickin’ it courtside, but you can still go all out. Take a cue from arena fans and paint your face (or your entire body) for the big game. You won’t be the only one, we promise.

A signed jersey

You can’t smack-talk the other team when everyone at the bar is on your side. You can bring your bragging rights with you, though. Yeah, that’s right — you had one of the players sign your jersey back in the day.

Your old school ID

This will come in handy for a couple of reasons. It’s crucial for snagging student drink specials, for one. And if you stare at it for long enough, you’ll even start to believe you’re a junior again.

Your dignity

You may be back in your college town, but that doesn’t mean you’re back in college. Don’t hit on the freshmen, insult the bouncer or get a tattoo of your college mascot. It was already questionable behavior when you were 19 — now it’s just weird.

Blankets and pillows

Whether you’re staying at a buddy’s or passing out in your car, you’re going to need to sleep. You don’t want to be that guy using a hand towel as a blanket, so bring backup.

A budget

Nostalgia and college-town drink specials are a formidable combination. Before you arrive on campus, make sure you know how much money you’re willing to spend. Remember: Buying shots for everyone at the bar is never a good idea.

An alarm clock

The downside to watching the big game in your college town? The line in front that extends out the front door of your favorite bar. You know what they say: The early bird gets the worm. Show up before the rest of the crowd, or you’re going to spend some serious time in line.


We don’t stay 21 forever, unfortunately. After a night on campus, you’re going to have a killer hangover in the morning.

Good friends

Last but not least, make sure you bring your best friends along for the ride. They’re the reason your college years were so incredible. And let’s be honest — who else is going to help you paint your face?