Extreme Sports You Should Definitely Not Try

child has a lot of fun in the Zorbing Ball

Scuba diving, heliskiing, base jumping and parasailing are — extreme sports you’re probably familiar with and see on TV all the time. But thereare a few extreme sports you could easily try out at home using common objects such as cheese wheels, ironing boards and giant hamster balls — but you probably should just stay inside and watch Netflix instead. Let us explain:

Train surfing

Train surfing is standing on top of trains as they move at rapid speeds. This is not only illegal in almost every country, but like, can’t you just surf on real waves? At least then there’s only a slight chance you will meet your death.

Wingsuit surfing

Repeat after us: “I am not a flying squirrel.”

Deep sea diving

Although you cannot perform this activity at home unless you have a really, really deep bathtub, this is still very dangerous and probably something you should never do. You can just watch National Geographic from the comfort of your couch.

Tightrope walking

We could wax poetic about the dangers of tightrope walking, but we’ll just leave you with this. At least they did these over water?


Remember the days when you would put your hamster in a ball and roll it around on the floor? Did you ever wonder what it would be like to put yourself in a ball and roll down a hill? Hey, that’s a sport. And it’s just as dangerous as you’re imagining.

Cheese rolling

Potentially most impressive of all the extreme sports out there is cheese rolling, in which people chase wheels of cheese down a steep hill. Most, if not all, people get injured in the process, as you more or less have to roll down the hill in the same manner as the cheese in order to catch it. While this is viable at home, so long as you have access to a grocery store and a video camera, take it from us: No cheese is worth a broken wrist.