Week Five College Football: We’re Here For It

Best week 5 college football games

Have we mentioned lately how much we love Saturdays? There are two reasons. First, it’s the one day a week when college football is all over TV.  Second, there is absolutely nothing to stop us from watching it.

Last Saturday, it seemed like college football games were played in a weak reality distortion field—like the moon was hovering closer to college football stadiums than usual. But mostly it wasn’t enough to knock reality completely off kilter.

After upsetting Ohio State two weeks ago, Oklahoma came perilously close to a devastating loss against… Baylor. The Sooners squeaked by, 49-41. Similarly, Penn State beat Iowa 21-19 on a 7-yard touchdown pass in the game’s final seconds. And Cal did not look as overmatched against USC as they were supposed to be. The Golden Bears did not go gently, losing 30-20. Even Boston College had Clemson tied up at 7 apiece going into the 4th quarter. Clemson put up 27 unanswered points in the final 15 minutes, but still.

Hey Hey We’re The Horned Frogs

If there was an unexpected upset, it was the TCU Horned Frogs beating Oklahoma State, who previously enjoyed a #6 ranking. Don’t look now, but TCU is 4-0, and they’ve put up surprisingly commanding performances against Arkansas and SMU, and now OSU. The Big 12 has taken notice, for sure. Who knows? Maybe the mythical amphibians will take the country over.

Ouch 😢

Finally, in the Result Causing Most Pain category, the Florida Gators beat the Kentucky Wildcats 28-27. Kentucky really just choked. It was their 31st straight loss to Florida, alas. Generations of UK alumni left Lexington stricken and morose, having once again failed to experience victory over the Gators. The bards will sing of this sadness until the end of time. 

This Saturday promises more scrapping and scraping in stadiums nationwide. Here are the games we’ll be following.

USC v Washington State (Fri 9/29)
10:30pm on ESPN

#16 Washington State faces its first ranked foe and Pac-12 competitor #5 USC.

Georgia v Tennessee
3:30pm on CBS

Georgia had less trouble against Mississippi State last week than some expected. But really, the draw here is Tennessee. They’re a wild card this year, and we just want to see what they do next.

Florida State v Wake Forest
7pm on ABC

Florida State is 0-2 for the first time in three decades, and they dropped out of the top 25 for the first time since 2011. We don’t expect this trend to continue. But one thing standing in Florida State’s way is 4-0 Wake Forest.

Mississippi State v Auburn
6pm on ESPN

Mississippi State got knocked around last by a Georgia team that is just really solid after a surprise road win against LSU. And Auburn so far hasn’t shown obvious weaknesses. We’re not saying this game will make your year, but when two excellent SEC East teams fight it out, we’re here for it.

Ohio State v Rutgers
7:30pm on BTN

Lots of games will be close and exciting. But lopsided games can be exciting, too. Like, people do go watch the Harlem Globetrotters.

Clemson v Virginia Tech
8pm on ABC

When #2 Clemson takes on #12 Virginia Tech, it will have the makings of the biggest game of the week.

Oklahoma State v Texas Tech
8pm on FOX

Historically, Texas Tech leads this rivalry with a record of 21-20-3. Oklahoma has won the last eight. Can OSU bounce back after their loss to TCU? Is Texas Tech’s 3-0 record all it’s cracked up to be? Along with the whole Big 12, we’re looking forward to the result.

Ole Miss v Alabama
9pm on ESPN

Ole Miss actually came very close to winning last year!