What Happened?

College football at week 11

College football is hard. One minute you’re within striking distance of #1. Then, suddenly, you’ve lost two games in a row, and your Heisman-contender running back can’t put up more than 70 yards. Or, you come out with a huge win to start the season, then take an unaccountable loss three weeks later and drop 9 spots—only to climb all the way back.

This week’s stunners? The Ohio State Buckeyes were brought down by the Iowa Hawkeyes 55-24. This after Ohio State sort of unexpectedly beat Penn State, knocking the Nittany Lions off their march toward destiny. Then this week, Penn State lost to Michigan State. Big Ten teams all have big, signature wins—but also bad losses. Only Wisconsin remains undefeated.

The marquee game last week was OklahomaOklahoma State, otherwise known as Bedlam. That’s exactly what it was! The Sooners topped the Cyclones 62-52.  It was a game full of huge offensive plays—a 55 yard pass here, a 35 yard pass there. Baker Mayfield racked up 598 yards and 6 total TDs. At this point, he’s the Heisman favorite.

There is more like this to come—shakeups and huge games. This Saturday alone, we’ll have three AP top-10 matchups. That’s the first time we’ve seen a week like this since 2002. Exciting stuff. Find your favorite teams and tune in, even if the games you want to watch are on at the same time.

Georgia vs Auburn
3:30pm on CBS

They’re saying Auburn could play spoiler. But Georgia, who are already SEC East champs, have looked unstoppable this year. Only Notre Dame has come close, in week two, when they lost by a point.

Notre Dame vs Miami
8pm on ABC

Speaking of Notre Dame, they’re taking their 8-1 act to Miami this week. Seems like it could be a bowl game preview.

TCU vs Oklahoma
8pm on FOX

It’s a fight for first in the Big 12! The Sooners took care of the Cyclones’ shot at the Big 12. But in the game against TCU, the conference is at stake.

Michigan State vs Ohio State
12pm on FOX

Is Michigan State for real? Is Ohio State? They’re tied for first in the Big Ten East. One of them will probably play for the conference championship. Who will it be? Who knows? Whoever wins this game, we might guess.

Wisconsin vs Iowa
3:30pm on ABC

The only undefeated team in the Big Ten versus the team that just beat the Buckeyes. Wisconsin are the favorites, but…

This college football season may feel like a game of musical chairs. So make sure you’re in your seat this week.