Our Favorite College Football Announcers

Good Calls

When you watch college football—and with DISH, you can watch college football all Saturday, every Saturday, all season—there is more to enjoy than just your favorite teams and players. There are also the announcers. Really, they can make or break a game—or a network. You let them in your living room, and they make the game interesting. That’s the deal.

Some announcers go the extra mile, though. Through last-minute comeback drives, devastating turnovers, and also completely lopsided, hopeless games, they add a personal touch. College football comes back in just a few weeks. We can almost hear the familiar voices welcoming us to another game.

Can you?

Anish Shroff

The thing about Anish Shroff’s calling is that it’s just sharp and consistently illuminating. He’s bought insight and excitement to college football and other college sports since 2008, after winning ESPN’s Dream Job in 2004. Whether in studio or doing play-by-play on ESPN, Shroff knows exactly when to turn it up, and exactly how high.

Mike Tirico

The long-time NFL game-caller on ESPN is now on NBC. Last year, Mike Tirico subbed in for Dan Hicks and called a few Notre Dame games, and this year, Tirico is back to call all of them. You can also hear him call Thursday night NFL games on NBC. Listen as he calls last year’s Michigan State win over the Irish.

Verne Lundquist

Lundquist is a legend. He called games for forty years, usually in the SEC. He was witness to some incredible football. Here he is calling the miraculous end to the 2013 AuburnGeorgia game. He’ll be sorely missed this year.

Lee Corso

The lovable Lee Corso doesn’t do play-by-play. But college football broadcasting is better because of him—and his long career coaching college football at Louisville and Indiana, among other places. Specifically, his headgear predictions. He’ll be doing them again this year on ESPN’s College GameDay as he has been since 1987. See what it’s all about.

Kirk Herbstreit

Kirk Herbstreit was born and raised in Ohio and spent four incredible years at Ohio State from 1989-1993. He was lead quarterback in his last two years and won team MVP in his last year. He has been a commentator with ESPN since 1994, sitting alongside Lee Corso and Rece Davis for College GameDay. He is also an analyst and usually sits in the booth with Chris Fowler. Herbstreit said that calling the 2016 Ohio State-Michigan was the thrill of his life. Relive the dramatic finish with him here.

Joe Tessitore

The line on Tessitore is that he has a way of being in the booth as extraordinary events unfold. It’s known as the “Tess Effect.” There is a buzz around every game he calls, whether it’s college football or NCAA basketball or even horse racing. He’s an incredibly versatile announcer. And he call college football games like the world hangs in the balance. We love it.

Gus Johnson

Nobody can match Gus Johnson for flair. Johnson has been calling college and professional sports for more than 20 years. His style is unmistakable. Listen out for his signature call as someone breaks away toward the end zone: “He’s got ‘get away from the cops’ speed!” It’s just extremely vivid as a metaphor. Hear him this season on FOX.

Tune in this Saturday and next, August 26 and September 2 as college football season finally kicks off!