Are You Intense Enough to Be an SEC Fan?

Tailgate: Group Of Fans Cheering And Yelling

We all have our alma mater that we love dearly, and we’re all usually committed to them for life. That said, not every conference is devoted in the same way. While they’re all spirited, some are a little more intense. And when we say a little, we mean a lot. Which conference are we talking about? The SEC. And if any of these things apply to you, you’re probably a part of it:

You start tailgating at 7 a.m.

Contrary to popular belief, tailgating is not a before-the-game hangout in the SEC. It’s an all-day event in its own right, and if you’re not there as the sun is rising, you’re doing it wrong.

You re-wear dresses from formal occasions to every game or watch party

College football is known for its rowdy tailgating, but no one takes it more seriously than the SEC. Just look at what everyone is wearing: dresses and blazers they’d wear to weddings or work. T-shirts are for running and sleeping.

You have a smoker egg, a 50-gallon pot or an industrial-grade traveling grill

Speaking of tailgating intensity, SEC fans aren’t likely to show up with a charcoal grill and a jar of queso. No, they’re probably going to show up with an appliance you didn’t think could be used outside the home and will probably make enough food to feed a small army. Barbecue bourbon brisket, anyone?

There’s a chandelier in your tent

Add in an armoire to house that flat-screen TV, and you’ve got yourself a tailgate.

You switched to a provider that offers The SEC Network, because the SEC needs your constant attention

Need we say more?

You really, really like pastel pants and boat shoes

If pastels don’t go with your team colors, you’re wearing khakis, because jeans have no place in the SEC. Optional addition: a bow tie.

You appreciate football stadiums with at least two tiers

Texas A&M already had Kyle Field, but when Mizzou joined the SEC, they renovated their entire stadium. Because in the SEC, the stadiums are massive.

You go to every home game — even after you graduate

It doesn’t matter if the drive is seven hours — if you can be at that game, you’re at that game. And if you can’t? You’re at the nearest bar with 56 fellow fans.