‘Southern Charm’ Season 9: Cast Reveal, Previews and More

Southern Charm Season 9

We’ve got all the tea on this season of Southern Charm, but it might not be as sweet as we might have hoped. 

Love triangles, betrayal, and heartbreak will ensue this season, but amid all the drama we can see blossoming relationships, thriving business endeavors, and fun times ahead on the ninth installment of the Bravo hit. 

Who is on the cast of Southern Charm season nine?

Unfortunately, some of our favorite charmers have moved on. This includes OG Kathryn Dennis and Naomi Olindo. But, we can expect that series regulars including Shep Rose, Craig Conover, Austen Kroll, Leva Bonaparte, and Madison LeCroy will be returning. 

The newbies of Season 8, Taylor Ann Green, Venita Aspen, and Olivia Flowers, will also be returning. And, of course, the show wouldn’t be the same without our Southern matriarch Patricia Altschul and her infamous bad boy son, Whitney Sudler-Smith. 


Now, let’s hear it for the boys: Not one, not two, but THREE new Southern gentlemen will be joining the group and ruffling a few feathers this season. 

Jarrett Thomas is a Virginia native passionate about real estate and getting the party started. He has maintained close friendships with Shep, Craig, and Austen, but he is ready to fall in love (almost literally by the looks of the trailer) and isn’t afraid to step on a few toes on his way towards “the one.”

Rod Razavi is a computer programmer and a true Southern gentleman. He has lived in Charlston for over 18 years and has never had any trouble making new friends, including female ones. Razavi makes his intentions clear to Austen Kroll that he plans to pursue his ex, Olivia Flowers. 

Rodrigo Reyes is the grounding force that this group desperately needs. He is an interior designer and is in a stable relationship with his boyfriend, Tyler. 


What happened between Taylor Ann Green and Austen Kroll? 

The season nine trailer kicks off with an explosive reveal that Austen Kroll and Taylor Ann Green have allegedly hooked up following Green’s emotional breakup from Shep Rose. Kroll admits to someone off camera that, “something happened,” with Green. 

As the truth is unraveled, Kroll and Green find themselves in the eye of the storm. Olivia Flowers appears devastated as she learns the news that her best friend may have crossed a line with her ex. But, Flowers may have found a good distraction in Rod Razavi, who she is seen sharing a romantic kiss with.


Did Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green hook up? 

Shep Rose continues to rehash details of his breakup with Green, and may have even revisited old territory when the dust settled …

Later in the trailer, Craig Conover appears to be on a call with girlfriend Paige Desorbo, and alleges that “Shep and Taylor banged.” We then cut to Rose and a mystery woman in bed to which he turns to and says, “You were a kissing bandit last night.” 

Newbie Jarrett Thomas enters the love triangle as he attempts to romantically pursue Green. In more than one scene from the trailer, we can see his and Kroll’s conversations getting more and more heated until it eventually comes to blows.

Are Craig Conover and Paige Desorbo going to get engaged? 

Everyone’s favorite pillow mogul Craig Conover is busy renovating his Charlston home, growing his business, and spending time with his long-distance love, Summer House beauty Paige Desorbo.

Fans of Southern Charm, Winter House, and Summer House have watched Conover and Desorbo’s relationship evolve, and are wondering if and when these two will be ready to take the next step. It’s clear Desorbo is not prepared to give up her life in New York or plan a wedding, which has Conover questioning their entire relationship.

In the middle of a tense conversation, Conover asks Desorbo, “What’s the point of dating if we aren’t going to take the next step?” 


Is Madison LeCroy pregnant? 

Madison LeCroy is in post marital bliss after falling in love and marrying her dream guy, Brett Randle.

But they may be growing their family together quicker than she thought. LeCroy appears to be feeling symptoms of morning sickness during a cast trip to Jamaica. We then see her discussing her first pregnancy with her 10-year-old son Hudson with a doctor. She reveals that she suffered “a pelvic fracture during the delivery” and looks worried about the potential of delivering a second child.



How do I watch Southern Charm?

Southern Charm season nine premieres on Thursday, Sept. 14th at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo, Ch. 129 with DISH. DISHscribers can also access episodes this season and from season’s past On Demand. Not a DISH subscriber? Use this link to find the DISH package that’s right for you!