SHOWTIME Freeview Nov. 22-28: 5 Things to Watch

The Curse on SHOWTIME

SHOWTIME® will be in Free Preview for all DISH subscribers from Nov. 22-28. Here’s what to watch, including the new show from Emma Stone.

To kick off the holiday season, SHOWTIME is giving you the gift of The Curse.

From Wednesday, Nov. 22 to Tuesday, Nov. 28, SHOWTIME’s critically-acclaimed new series, which stars Emma Stone and Nathan Fielder, will be among the hundreds of movies and shows available during the SHOWTIME Free Preview. Whether you’re looking to binge the final season of Billions or you just want to unwind during the holidays with a comedy, SHOWTIME has tons of content for everyone. Here’s a look at five shows and movies to watch during the SHOWTIME from Nov. 22 to Nov. 28.


The Curse

As we alluded to in our review, The Curse is one of the best shows of 2023…if you can handle the cringe. Co-created by stars Nathan Fielder (The Rehearsal) and Benny Safdie (Uncut Gems) and co-starring Oscar-winner Emma Stone, The Curse works as both a squirmy comedy as well as a dark satire about the deception (self and otherwise) necessary to make it as an influencer.

New episodes premiere Fridays On Demand.


The Crusades

Sometimes, we all need a good old fashioned teen comedy, and if Thanksgiving leaves you feeling nostalgic for your adolescence, check out the new comedy The Crusades. Audiences gave this movie – which follows the classic “one crazy weekend in the lives of teens” format –  a 90% Fresh Rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

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Fellow Travelers

This eight episode limited series is drawing rave reviews, with the AV Club declaring that leads Matthew Bomer and Jonathan Bailey have, “the sexiest chemistry on TV.” The series, which co-stars Allison Williams of Girls, is a “Decades-long chronicle of the risky, volatile and steamy relationship between the charismatic and ambitious Hawk and the pious and idealistic Tim, two political staffers who fall in love at the height of the 1950s Lavender Scare.” 

New episodes premiere Fridays On Demand.


Dead Shot

Everyone loves a good political thriller and Dead Shot is squarely in the mold of favorites like Patriot Games and The Foreigner. Colin Morgan (Merlin) stars as a retired Irish paramilitary who seeks revenge in 1970s London after his pregnant wife is murdered. Aml Ameen, Mark Strong, and Felicity Jones co-star.

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The Lesson 

Finally, SHOWTIME will premiere this “taut noir thriller” during the free preview. Starring Academy Award nominees Richard E. Grant and Julie Delphy, The Lesson is about an ambitious young writer (Daryl McCormack) who accepts a tutoring position from his idol before realizing that not all is as it seems.

Premieres Nov. 27.