5 Ways Prevent Sports Feuds With Roommates

It doesn’t matter what season it is; there’s nothing more divisive for roommates than an argument around sports. If things get tense between you two every time you turn on ESPN, fear not. We have a few tricks up our sleeve that will help you keep the peace.

Never drink the last beer

Nothing makes people grumpier than running out of beer under normal circumstances. Allowing it to happen in the middle of a sporting duel of any sort is just not smart.

Invest in quality ear plugs

If you can’t hear your roommate spouting off insults, you’re far less likely to get angry. It’s simple logic.

Take up yoga …

Chilling out as much as possible before the game is the best way to keep you centered during it. Deep breaths, my friend. Deep breaths.

… or boxing

If yoga simply doesn’t quell your sports rage, that’s OK. Locate the nearest punching bag and get it all out. You’ll be far less likely to leap off the couch in a heated frenzy when it’s game time.

Embrace the power of snacks

Food is your friend. Everyone is happier with a full stomach, and nothing is more conciliatory than a bowl of chips. Another trick: If you’re about to say something you’ll regret later, shove a brat into your mouth first. Your comments will come out muffled, and your roommate will be none the wiser.

When all else fails, turn to therapy

Marriage counseling works for a reason, and the tactic is just as applicable to roommate-ship. If your household sports feud has gotten too out of hand for beer and boxing, it might be time to speak with a professional.

Broadcast multiple games at once

When your teams aren’t playing each other, there’s a simple way to make everyone happy: Play more than one game at once using DISH Multi-Channel View, which allows you to display up to eight different channels at once. You may still need those ear plugs to drown out his yelling, but hey — that’s what subtitles are for, right?