YouTube app coming to HOPPER 3™

Instead of switching inputs on your TV or squinting to watch YouTube videos on your smart phone screen, you will soon be able to view your favorite online content on the big screen without ever having to leave your HOPPER 3™!

Today, we are announcing the newest addition to Hopper apps, YouTube. HOPPER 3™ customers will see YouTube join Netflix and Vevo in the coming months.


The addition of YouTube makes HOPPER 3™ the ultimate video solution. Now, DISH not only offers hundreds of thousands of Vevo music videos, plus millions of videos from YouTube, the most popular Internet video platform—at no extra cost to you. DISH customers also have access to movies and TV shows from Netflix within the Hopper experience.


YouTube has a wide variety of content for HOPPER 3™ customers to search and enjoy, from music videos to educational series to original short films, all in one place. No more dealing with pesky HDMI cords or forcing the entire family to gather around your laptop to watch the latest and greatest viral videos. HOPPER 3™ is the perfect way for everyone in the house to watch your favorite YouTube content from the comfort of your couch.


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