Test drive the new ‘Parental Guide’ on DISHAnywhere.com

Have you ever wished you could protect your kids from harsh violence or strong language on TV before they’re exposed to it? Well, we just launched a new feature that allows you to do exactly that! Starting today, DISH customers can access parental features from Common Sense Media onDISHAnywhere.com.

The new integration provides families with Common Sense Media’s independent age-based ratings and reviews, as well as content ratings that evaluate on a 0–5 scale the degree to which certain topics, including violence, positive role models, sex, and language, are present in a movie or TV show. This information can be found in the newly added “Parental Guide” page on the web application. Through the integration of Common Sense Media’s detailed reviews, we’re helping to provide families with valuable information – and a heads’ up on potential red flags – before they watch a show or movie. Here’s how you can use and navigate the new features of the integration:

1. Select “Parental Guide” at the top of the screen of the program you are interested in viewing.


2. Under “Parental Guide,” you will see an age rating for the program. This is the minimum age recommended for viewing based on Common Sense Media’s independently conducted rating system. In this case, the program has been assessed as suitable for viewers ages three and over.


3. The next section of the “Parental Guide” consists of content ratings, which evaluate the content of movies and TV shows on a 0–5 scale. Evaluated content includes: positive role models, positive messages, sex, consumerism, language, violence and drinking, drugs and smoking. The 0–5 scale is represented by five dots, indicating the degree to which each topic is present in the show or movie. As shown in the scale below, “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” has a fair amount of positive role models. Programs with a significant amount of the designated element will be rated three dots or higher.


4. Common Sense Media also provides a brief overview of what you should know before your family watches a TV show or movie, including how kids might react and the title’s overall plot or theme.


5. The “What’s The Story?” section briefly summarizes each title’s plot and story themes.


6. “Is It Any Good?” assesses each title’s overall quality. It answers the question, “Is this the best way to spend my family’s time together?”


7. The last section of the “Parental Guide” offers discussion starters and offline activity ideas to help you and your family think about and extend the messages and content of the title you just watched. That way, the viewing experience can transform into a shared learning experience!


These features are available today on DISHAnywhere.com and will be available in the coming months on the DISH Anywhere mobile app on iOS and Android smart phones and tablets, as well as Amazon Fire HDX tablets.

For more information on DISHAnywhere.com and the DISH Anywhere mobile app, visit http://www.mydish.com/dish-anywhere. And to stay up to date on all things DISH Anywhere, follow @DISHNews.

For more information on how Common Sense Media rates and reviews, visit https://www.commonsensemedia.org/about-us/our-mission/about-our-ratings.